Saturday, May 31, 2014


On 20th June 2014 around 1 am, the most benefic considered planet Jupiter will transit to Cancer, it sign of exaltation. It debilitates in Capricorn. Every planet debilitates in the seventh sign counted from its sign of exaltation and vice versa. Jupiter creates one of the panch mahapurush yogas called “Hamsa” yoga when he is in his sign of exaltation, own or mooltrikona sign IN an angle from the ascendant. Jupiter takes around a year to complete its transit in a sign , this is the reason that when astrologers foresee an incident happening in an year, they take the transit of Jupiter as its basis for timing of the event many times.
Jupiter rules over Expansion, thus he makes a small tumour turn into cancer, lawyers, teachers, priests, rebirth, north direction, philosophy, spiritual gurus, new ideas, new constructions, Gods; in body parts it has control over liver, fat, thighs, toes. In nature it controls calmness, peace, serenity; in business it controls temples, trusts, schools, courts, foreign agencies and contracts, jail, navy, hospitals; in manufacturing  it has control over oily foods, fatty foods, buttery items, cheese, sweets, rubber, gold; in places it has control over schools, colleges, courts, temples, big halls, churches, mosques, worship place in our homes, pictures of saints and Gods; it also ahs control over elephant, horses, ox, peacock, religious trees, cashew, groundnut, Almonds etc in nutshell.
Jupiter is considered a natural benefic in hindu astrology, The most beneficial of all. It is considered to be prime karaka for marriage and for a good marriage its position should be always good in horoscope is my own experience. A bad Jupiter will never give a good marital life. It is the Lord of the 9th house in kaal purusha horoscope which is the house of destiny and owns 12th house which is house of emancipation. So both the most important houses are allotted to Jupiter. It is my observation that when a person has bad 9th 5th or 12th house OR bad Jupiter there are hurdles in his quest for supreme knowledge and attainment  of moksha – the only goal of human life. There are problems related to wealth, progeny also along with others as Jupiter is a the karaka planet for these also.
India has elelcted a new and vibrant looking Government recently and the current dasha in the chart of India is Sun till 22-7-2015 and ketu antara till 21-7-2014 and then Venus antara will come till 22-7-2015. In june 2014 Jupiter will transit over Sun, Saturn, Moon, Mercury, Venus of natal India horoscope. It will aspect on 11th house of gains, 9th house of luck and 7th house of partners. The newly elected Prime Minister has given many hopes to the people of this nation and I am sure that at least in one year many of them are going to be fulfilled to a good extent. There will be a inherent communal wave for good and not for destruction and people will respect others religion. In general there will be more inclination towards rituals and such things in the general public. India will beget many new friends and relationship with pakistan will also improve after some setbacks. Our neighbours will be less fiddling in our internal matters and there will be many helping hands to sort out various issues through proper counselling. The candidates of other parties may defect to BJP thus weakning the opposition further. Jupiter will also come in an angle from natal Jupiter which will also be a good asset for the country. I am of the opinion that India`s most wanted criminal Dawood Ibrahim may be arrested or eliminated in the year to come. I don’t know how it will happen but it seems very happening to me.
Our relations with developed countries will improve further and we may be of some assistance to them instead they assisting us, in some matters. There will be more faith and belief in Hindu system of living in the western world and we may see some prominent western figures converting to hinduism in the coming time. In various sports also Indian players will come out shining. People will indulge more in practice of occult and psychism.

Summing up, I feel the coming year is going to be a boon for India from all aspects and we should contribute our best to make this great nation run on the path of progress and development.