Wednesday, May 14, 2014


On around midnight of 14th May sun will enter into taurus, a bullish fixed sign having constellations of Sun moon and Mars. The constellation of moon – Rohini falls in this sign which causes “nautapa” the nine days of extreme heat, when sun enters this constellation. This transit will witness the formation of the new government at New Delhi and the possibility of “achhe din” coming for India. But apart from this we humans are going to be affected as usual in some or the other way as all planetary transits do affect in some or other way. Sun will move away from ketu- Rahu axis and aspects of Saturn and Mars,this will be a good factor for all.
1)      ARIES: There will be happiness from offspring’s, spouse and younger relatives. There will be some relief in personal life and gains from speculative acts is also promised. There will be relief in old diseases.
2)      TAURUS: There will be some disputes with the elders on ideas. You will have inclination towards reading and roaming around. There is gain of money through shares in store for you. But later there will be disputes with spouse on petty things which will irritate you. There will be desire to have a new home.
3)      GEMINI: There will be some gains, short travels leading to fulfillment of desires. There will be new friends, success in works. Professional front and personal front will be good. You may have sudden gains in this time. Good time overall.
4)      CANCER: Health may give troubles; there will be good enjoyment in general. Luck will be favoring. Your thoughts will come true to life on many occasions. There could be temporary separation from kids.
5)      LEO: Religious travels are on anvil. There will good amount of luck standing with you. There could be gains from elders and divine help. There will be untoward expenses and there will be good amount of life force in you this month initially.
6)      VIRGO: Drive carefully and if you are habitual to alcohol then better not drive when drunk. You will not hit someone but someone will hit you and you will be blamed wrongfully for the act. After initial distress there will be goodtime and your works will be accomplished. There will be conversations with younger kiths and kins.
7)      LIBRA: There will be good news from work front and you may switch Job, get a promotion or a salary hike. Personal life will not be good particularly for those who are running antara or pratyantara of rahu or ketu. Keep your temper cool and listen more speak less.
8)      SCORPIO: Take care of your health, avoid fast food, work front will be good and promising. There will be long travels. Elders will be supportive. There will be overall goodness and progress.
9)      SAGITTARIUS: You will win over opposition; there will be good news from many circles. Luck will be favoring. Stomach can give aches and colic pains. Minor disputes with spouse are there. Losses can accrue due to wrong judgment.
10)   CAPRICORN: There will be problems in romantic life, your speculative acts should stop now otherwise there will be losses, your practice of chanting will be disrupted. But in the last four five days there will be relief.
11)   AQUARIUS: Mars will be direct this month so you can expect good professional outcome after it does so. There will be minor health issues, personal life will be depressive. But you will do some travels and there will be good work performance from your side. Housewives will be having bad time.

12)   PISCES: You will have overall average time, there will be gains and losses equally. You should take care of your spouse as he/she can be a source of medical expenses. Romantic life will not be good and affair may end. Teeth and pimples can give you sleeplessness.