Sunday, May 4, 2014



Mercury will move to taurus, sign ruled by his friend who is going exalted in pisces these days. Lets see what could be the possible outcome of this transit in constellations of Sun, Moon and Mars. Since It moves very fast is a sign so its effects will also be for a very limited duration usually.

1)      ARIES: There will good family atmosphere, you may shed a little weight, there will be liking for music,you may borrow monsy from someone.

2)      TARUS: Take care of your health, you will have good time in general, there will be short travels.

3)      GEMINI: You may make a foreign trip, there will be sudden losses, the outcome of legal matters will be positive.

4)      CANCER: This transit will prove to be costly, happiness will be there but things will take more to time to accomplish.

5)      LEO: Religious activities will be done by you, there will good earnings, work front will be good.

6)      VIRGO: Acute health problem may surface, you will have gains and new friends in this period. There could be news from coborns.

7)      LIBRA: YOU may be deceived by some known person, be careful in love matters, work front will be good and promising.

8)      SCORPIO: THINGS will be delayed which be started in this period, luck will not be much favorable, some long travels are there for you, love matters may bring bad news.

9)      SAGITTARIUS: Problems to kids can come up, there will be sudden hurdles in work front, you will perform religious deeds. There will be divine help coming for you.

10)   CAPRICORN: YOU will need to have patience and it will be better to wait. There will be some problem related to immovable assets but it will not last long. Health of spouse will be source of expenses.

11)   AQUARIUS: THERE will be work realted travels, some nominal ailment will disturb you. Personal life will be below average. Work front will be good.

12)   PISCES: The lord of love is travelling in your head at the moment, there will be family outings, enjoyment, eye problems, food related diseases, happiness from progeny. Good period in all for you.