Monday, April 28, 2014


                                        TRANSIT OF VENUS IN PISCES 
Venus will transit in Pisces, its sign of exaltation. It will trasnit in the stars of Jupiter,Saturn and Mercury.Most of its transit will be in the cosntellations of his friends. Venus represents Shukracharya, the Guru of demons and Pisces is a watery dual sign of Brahaspati – the Eternal Guru. Venus owns Taurus and Libra out of which Taurus is a fixed sign and Libra is movable but Jupiter- the Guru owns both dual signs. Human nature is full of duality, we are somebody else with our wife, kids, parents, inlaws, boss, servant etc etc. The irony is self proclaimed eternal lovers becomes most bitter enemy of each other many times and our court shows the way apart. Venus rules love which is physical, material and Brahaspati rules love for all creation of God. This is a contrast which seperates people of the three types- those who talk ideas, those who talk events and those who talk about people. Venus will always talk about people because it has no vision beyond that. We can easily see it in any strong Libran or Taurean. On 24th  May venus will join ketu in aries, the sign ruled by Mars which will be in Virgo, the debilitation sign of Venus.
The transit of venus will have following effects on various ascendants:
1)      ARIES: Love affairs will cost you more money, more waiting, more luck and more losses. So it will be wiser to not adhere to the demands raised. There will be some problems on legal front. You may repay some of your debts. Works will take longer to accomplish.
2)      TAURUS: You may receive your provident fund money or return on Insurances. There will be some prolongness in the sickness of elders initially.There will be good news off and on related to work and family elders. There could be long travels.Your girlfirend or boy friend will give in to your devotion and will say yes to you finally.
3)      GEMINI: Good realtions with wife and family. Those with multiple options will have a good time. But you should be careful as defamation waits to garland you. You are very highly prone to fall in some kind of emotional trap. Health will also be troubling and the gadgets in your vehicle may malfunction.
4)      CANCER: Platonic love will reach a new height, it is better to feel love than indulge in it physically. There will be some domestic misunderstanding due to professional life, but it will not surface up where others can see it. Expenses will be a major issue.
5)      LEO: Luck will not favor much and your love life will be disturbed due to your known people. There will be philosophical gains and material gains in this time. Your elders may go for a long outing. Property related issues can come up.
6)      VIRGO: You will long for a union but it will be delayed till the extent of disliking. Some of your will have misunderstanding with your beloved. Domestic life will be peaceful. There will be health problems, avoid heavy foods and sweets like sundaes. Avoid chocolate Icecream.
7)      LIBRA: Many of you may face legal issues and problems from servants. There will be issues related to children and vehicle may also give unnecessary troubles at times. Avoid long journeys. Your egoistic attitude will deter your love life and may make some deep dents in it.
8)      SCORPIO: There will be roughness in family members, some sudden issue may crop up related to old disease, you may lend money and will not get it back soon so avoid it. Do not give to your relatives. There are sudden gains also and win over opposition due to their own mistakes. Abroad travel is also there.
9)      SAGITTARIUS: New vehicle may come to your porch. New friends will be genereted by this transit. Work front will be good. You may purchase Gold or Diamond. Overall it is good for you from many aspects.
10)   CAPRICORN: You may face labour problems, they will attract more expense from you. Work front will be below average and you will be dejected. Flase allegation is also waiting. You will be taking wrong decisions and regret later. Listen to the first voice that comes in your heart.
11)   AQUARIUS: You will make profits, later they will be drained, Luck will not be favouring and there will be an array of mistaken choices from you. Be calm and at peace and better avoid major decisions for now. Love life will be confusing and dull.

12)   PISCES: Health should be your prime focus. Then comes expenses. Then personal life. You will be feeling jovial but will not remain happy for long. Tooth and genitals related problems can trouble you. Be careful in your eating habits. You may become a victim of blackmagic. Avoid strangers.