Monday, April 14, 2014


Sun will be entering into his sign of exaltation on 14th April 2014. It will be coming on the axis of rahu-ketu and will be aspected by Saturn, Mars. Both the planets are retrograde. Sun will be in aries till 14th may and the benefic aspect of Jupiter will be missing. Jupiter is aspecting saturn and rahu in Libra but Mars isdevoid of his aspect. Mercury is going debilitated till 20th of april 2014.
In the foundation chart of India, the nation is going through mahadasha of Sun and antara of ketu. We are going through electoral process and some of the phases have been completed but much is remaining. Sun will transit in the stars of ketu, venus and sun in this transit.Sun is the ruler of planetory kingdom and so it represents rulers, high ranking officials etc in mundane astrology. The polling is continuing and so does the movement of sun in various quarters of these constellations. In a nation`s chart the first house is of the masses, general public and general condition as a whole. In the chart of independent India it is ruled by venus which also rules the sixth house. Sixth house denotes armed forces, terrorist attacks, labour unions, medical and other paramedical services and doctors and nurses and diseases in general.
The tenth house denotes kings, rulers, party in power, national prestige, reputation and politics and parliament. Ketu is transiting in Aries ruled by Mars which happens to be the owner of 12th and 7th houses of Indian independence chart. Since sun will conjunct ketu, its effects will be shown by ketu and rahu and not by sun himself. Sun will be in ketu star till 27th April and then will come to Venus star Bharini. Venus rules 1st and sixth house as stated earlier. It will transit in venus star till 10th may and then sun will move in krittika in own constellation. Sun rules the fourth house in Indian Independence chart.
Mercury represents common intellectual caliber of the nation, speed and communications, editors of print and electronic media and commerce among many things. It is going in its sign of debilitation. We are witnessing  utter nonsense and antinational speeches for the sake of gaining more votes each day. The nation is surprised at its politicians and their brain limits. There is no barring of hate speeches from any one.
On 27th April venus will move to Pisces, its sign of exaltation. It will be directly aspected by retrograde Mars. Presently venus is under the benefic aspect of Jupiter.On 20th april mercury will join ketu, sun in Aries. We will see sections of society vomiting more poison against others from this day because of fiery nature of the sign and sun and venomous nature of rahu-ketu.
Conspiracies and Plots against top leaders may be unearthed by the intelligence agencies during this time and there could be some major news leaks also probable against the head of the state. From 27th April there will be a danger on the life of certain leaders possible because of planetory movements. It will be wiser for the “at risk” politicians of all parties to be aware and careful in their public meetings and air travels. Female candidates for Loksabha also needs to be alarmed as some untoward incident may happen with them.
All the sects of society will be confused in general upon choosing the right candidate and will cast their vote not according to the benefit of the nation but will go with the wave of the region or area. This will bring us to another hung parliament, it seems to me with no party getting majority of the votes and the predecided options for the prime post may have to step back to gain the main throne. In all this happenings I also think that there could be life threat to some journalists and higher officials or there will be defamation caused to them which will be as bad as spoiling their entire career.
A major section of people are wanting someone to become the prime minister of this country, in my opinion it is going to be very difficult. I wish the right person becomes the prime minister of this nation and takes this nation on a path of peace and progress.