Sunday, April 13, 2014


The king of planetary kingdom, Sun will move in Aries on 14th April. Sun will be coming on rahu-ketu axis and will be aspected by Saturn, his son and platonic enemy. It will be aspected by Mars also. So we can expect accidents, amputations to people, Conspiracies against some bigshots of the planet, fire incidents, gas leaks and defamation to some headline makers. Mercury is going debilitated in pisces is another drawback of the current times. Political fever has gripped our country and surely there will be some sad headlines coming up in the time to come. Jupiter is not aspecting mars or sun or ketu. On various natives, the likely effects will be:
1)      ARIES: You should be careful for the coming 13 days, there is likelihood of head injury, head aches, eye troubles, unwanted tensions and end of romantic life. You will need to control your tongue and do not flow in emotions.
2)      TAURUS: In the last six days you need to be careful, other wise this will be a good period specifically from the sun transit angle. Short journeys and increased expenses are there for you. Loss in buisness is also indicated and health issues in the last six days.
3)      GEMINI: Gain from opponents, gains from legal matters, abortions or miscarriage, good family atmosphere and progress in work front are indicated by this transit.
4)      CANCER: Bad health, long trips, losses and likely hospitalisation in this transit for you so not much positivity indicated by this transit.
5)      LEO: Problem to elders in family, eye problems, back bone malfunction are indicated in this period. You will be aggressive and determined but not much results will flow. You will work hard for nothing.
6)      VIRGO: Loss initially or delay in things, then gains and happy period for you but later health problems and mental tensions will take you down. Foreign travels are also indicated and gains from opponents are also there for you.
7)      LIBRA: This is going to be the worst for you as four malefics will occupy 1-7 axis. So you need to be vigilant, careful and calm. There will be useless tensions and hot speeches exchanged between you and others and since you cosider yourself to be right always, you will lose.
8)      SCORPIO: Finances will be choked for a while, there will be problems in love matters, risk of losing reputation is also there.But there are good gains in the last part. Summing up, you will be more towards positive side though initially it will look very saddening.
9)      SAGITTARIUS: Apart from some issues related to progeny, you will be having a good period. You may have problems related to digestive organs and thus eating should be controlled.
10)   CAPRICORN: Health issues will be causing problems, better to avoid any competitive exams, personal life will not be good, you should take care of breathing properly.
11)   AQUARIUS: A good transit is happening for you, you will have some short journeys, bad relations with younger brothers, romance in the mind, liking for music and movies, good food, hidden desires will be trying to come on the surface.

12)   PISCES: It will be really wise to postpone all the decisions till this transit and be happy and cool minded in home. There will be brakes on gains and profits. Matters will be delayed to the extent of losing interest in them. Personal life will be negative for you.