Thursday, April 3, 2014


Mercury, the prince of planetory parliament, will be getting debilitated in pisces from 4th april to 2Oth  april. It is a very fast moving planet and covers a sign in roughly 15-20 days if not getting retrograde. Those who are running DBA of mercury will be affected most and there will be mundane effects due to this.Mercury will transit in constellations poorvabhadrapad, uttarbhadrapad and revati. The general effects experienced by us humans due to this transit are:
1)      ARIES: you will lose in legal matters, there will be lot of miscommunications happening in this period. You will not be able to express yourself clearly and negotiations will be delayed due to lack of conclusions. Your communication gadgets will be giving trouble and there may be theft or you may lose them by fault. Your internet connection will be getting slow from time to time.
2)      TAURUS: You will have sudden gains and losses. Avoid speculations. There will be slip of tongue causing confusing situations. There may be intestinal problems troubling you. You will be having irreugularity in food habits.
3)      GEMINI: You will lose self confidence and there could be defamation due to your own acts. You will try to act smart and bite the dust in the process. Your mother`s health may become a source of trouble. Personal life will not be good.
4)      CANCER: There will be increased expenses, problems in negotiations and communications. Be careful with every written communication on and off email. You will have adverse personal life and health issues. You will do religious travels.
5)      LEO: There will be brakes on progress. Friends will be noncooprative. You will have thougths to change the present job. There will be dissatisfaction over the matters surrounding you at large.
6)      VIRGO: You will get the debilitated aspect of mercuryso there will be more negativity cropping up in yourself. You will become suspiscios towards one and all. You will become short tempered and anxious. There will be a nonstop thoughts coming and going in your mind. Expenses will be there on friends and partners.
7)      LIBRA: There are chances of new relations coming up for a while, you will have one sided feelings for some one. Luck will not be supportive. You will get exclamatory good news also in this period.
8)      SCORPIO: You will have short travels, good relatiosn with co brothers and friends. There will be new friends joining you in your pursuits. You may find a love relationship ending and there could be loss of progeny in this time to pregnant women.
9)      SAGITTARIUS: Overall the time seems okay to me. Not much to ponder about. Just fix your emotionality and aggressive nature other wise it will backfire on you.  Work front will be god and if you cooled yourself there will be no quarrels and rash talks with coworkers.
10)   CAPRICORN: You will be troubled by enemies and your servants will also take a leave for few days. There will be gain of money initially but will turn to loss later on. Luck factor will be against you.
11)   AQUARIUS: There will be lots of wastages without any logic. You will not be able to utilise time properly and will waste time in self enjoyment. Your daily life will be upset for a while due to irregular schedule.
12)   PISCES: THERE will be gains and losses equally, friends will not be much supportive. You will be having long journeys to attend to. There will be good progress in work matters. You will having lot of fun in these times. There will be lot of wastages due to your ill spending habits.