Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Mars, as we all know is a malefic planet and causes more damage than cure. Be it natal or mundane astrology. Mars rules Aries and Scorpio. Mrigshira, chitra, dhanishtha are the constellations ruled by Mars. On 2nd march, after travelling to 4th quarter of chitra, it will turn retrograde.
It will enter Virgo on 25th march and on 20th may, after going back to Virgo 14.57 degrees in second quarter of hast, it will turn direct. Rahu, who is giving company to both Saturn and mars, will leave Virgo on 13th July 2014 and will enter LIBRA. On 5th September Mars will leave Libra.
Mars is a malefic and it is a common observation that when a rowdy becomes nuts he creates havoc around him, same will happen with mars. The plane crash of malaysian airlines is proof of that. In my opinion we will see strange kind of things happening around like gas leakage, crashes, accidents, brutal death, skirmishes between nations and militant attacks worldwide. There will be medical calamities and bloodshed, molestations and rape incidents will increase we can surely see brutal death of some important figures. Mars will transit in constellations of moon and mars in Virgo during its transit.
During the Indian election, Mars will be retrograde and will be in Virgo. Indian is going through Sun mahadasha till 22-7-2015 and the antara will be of ketu and pratyantaras will be of venus,sun,moon,mars,rahu in ketu antara during the poll. Icc 20-20 will also happen in mars retrogression period. I don’t have the IPL schedule with me as of now but if they also finish before 20th may then on these three events these could be the possible effects:
1)      Mars will be aspecting India`s 8th, 11th and 12th house. There will be election related violence and deaths more than assumed. There will be secret plots against the major candidates to eradicate them, I wish that they don’t succeed. Ketu denotes secret activities along with rahu, Sun will be in aries and taurus during the poll and result periods. Sun will be aspected by saturn and mars both, so we should be prepared for all kind of bad news. It seems that the results will be very confusing and parties with staunch views may get an edge over others. Politicians should avoid air travel as much as possible.
2)      In the game of cricket there will be surprising results and there will be blames of all sorts not only on the players but also on the umpires and some people will also be caught red handed taking bribe or fixing matches. There will be thigh, bone, nerve and eye injuries to the players and some one may lose his eye or other mentioned part. I hope it does not get to that extreme. There is also possibility of grave injury on the head to some players and umpire also might be hit by the fast shots.
On natives there will be effect of this transit and those who are going through the sub-sub period of mars will be most affected , then those in sub period and then in main period. But it will affect one and all without any discrimination of any kind as per the DBA going on to a native.
1)      ARIES: You will have clashes with higher authorities, there is likelihood of head injury and health of your father may suffer for a while. There will be slight betterment in personal life which will aggravate later.
2)      TAURUS: Some elderly natives going through the antara of mars may pass away, health will be a concern in general and there will be lack of mental peace. Romance etc will be hampered or end suddenly but you will be looking for that love all the time.
3)      GEMINI: Loss of job or change in Job may happen, you will have uncomfortable personal life. Home environment will not suit you. There will be acute health trouble and problem could be in intestine, blood or heart.
4)      CANCER: Health problems to children, short trips and entertainment activities will happen. You will become popular and will also gain money and new relations.You will dominate over your opponents. There will be problems at workplace against you.
5)      LEO: You may beget problems related to teeth,blood,bones. speech will be rash, you will do religious deeds and work front will be promising. Some new deals may come your way and you will make money through them. It will be better to stay cool and think practically instead of getting emotional.
6)      VIRGO:  Peronal life will be troubling you a lot. There will be gain through women friends and bed pleasure is also possible. You will have good communications with people around you. Younger kins will be source of joy. You may meet with with an accident, be careful.
7)      LIBRA: There is possibility of severe domestic clashes. Work front will be promising. You will be confused, irritated and annoyed with everyone around you for no rational reason at all. There will be irregular cycle to females of this ascendant. White discharge from vagina is also possible.
8)      SCORPIO:  Father may have health issues, you will have sickness and stomach disorders. You may face trouble from enemies, you will do religious deeds. There will be long travels and you may visit Goddess Temples.
9)      SAGITTARIUS:  You will have hidden enemies working against you. There will be miscarrige to many of you who are expecting during this duration. Blood disorders will trouble you. There could be problem in lungs/chest.
10)   CAPRICORN: THERE will be renovation in home structure, your pursuit for a good home will be delayed, you will have new friends and may have gains through partner or females. Shoulders may pain and trouble you.
11)   AQUARIUS: There could be trouble through females, debts can give problems. Work front will improve. There will be hidden gains. There can be stone problem to some of you. There will be conflict with higher authorities. You may have cough n cold.
12)   PISCES: Romantice feelings will take control. You will have issues in personal life. Your kids will like more sweet stuff then regular. You may have insect bite on face which can create infection. Male natives may have diseases of genitals.