Saturday, March 8, 2014


 Being a planet directly connected with wit and intellect and communications and negotiations; it affects all of us without making much noise as it travels very fast. It will stay in aquarius till 3rd april and will move to pisces afterwards.
Saturn is a slow and delaying planet and is a friend of mercury. Mercury is a very fast moving planet with no set ambitions as shown in mercury dominated people. On a square they get confused literally which way to proceed further. The first three days will be with sun and last few days with venus. So this is a friendly transit this time.
I expect mercury to bestow following effects on the natives :
1)      ARIES: positive results in legal issues are indicated.those in media and jobs will get name and fame and new friends. Gains through friends is also there. Media persons who have applied for bail etc may get it. Long travels are also indicated.
2)      TAURUS: people from arts and entertainment will be benefited the most. There are positive signs for gain of money through own efforts. There are chances of looking for a new home. In professional front you will be aggressive and dominating.
3)      GEMINI: Long travels and religious outgoings are there for you. Good time for engineers and software professionals. Love matters will be ending suddenly. There will be new happenings in work field. You will become more popular.
4)      CANCER: Repayment of debts can be done by you, there are chances of indirect gains. There will be losses in travels, better avoid it. You may be told to go on a long journey or change in your professional roles.
5)      LEO: Spouse will be source of gains. You will be hot headed and rash for a while. Friends will be supportive. Abroad travel is likely. New business deals may be concluded. You will get fame and respect.
6)      VIRGO: Change of job possible. There could be increments coming for you. Maternal uncle will meet you. You will clear interviews or exams easily. There will be favors from higher authorities.
7)      LIBRA: Love is willing to sprout in your life, you will be feeling romantic and meeting such people. You will have pending works accomplished. There will inclination towards arts music and entertainment.
8)      SCORPIO: There will be obstacles in work sphere, you will find it difficult to continue. Recovery from illness is also likely. There are obstacles in love life. There could be disrepute due to hidden relations.
9)      SAGGITTARIUS: Overall good time for you, monetory gains and new purchases are there. Kiths and kins will be helpful and there will be short journeys. Your performance will be rewarding for you. Peronal life may have few glitches.
10)   CAPRICORN: There are gains for you from inheritence, secret plots, hidden sources. There will be new purchases. You will be more inclined towards spirituality. You will face oppositions in work sphere but not to disturbing levels.
11)   AQUARIUS: New contacts and endeavors are possible. Love life may have new face in your life. There will be more interes in recreation and entertainments. Outing with friends and parties are waiting for you. There will be short temperdness in your attitude.

12)   PISCES: You may move away from your home. There will be pressure in work front. Spouse may go to her family for a while. Business deals may get cancelled or delayed.