Tuesday, March 18, 2014

LOKSABHA ELECTIONS 2014: Smt. Menaka Gandhi Pilibhit seat

LOKSABHA ELECTIONS 2014: Smt. Menaka Gandhi
Election fever has spread all across the nation, infact it never cooled down after the vidhan sabha polls. All parties are trying their best to pitch a universally accepted candidate in the desired constituency so that they can win a seat in loksabha.
Maneka Gandhi has been announced by Bharatiya Janata Party BJP as the Lok Sabha candidate for Pilibhit constituency of Uttar Pradesh UP for the 16 th Lok Sabha Polls in 2014 Parliament Elections.
I am casting a prashna chart to assess whether he will win this time also or not, by KP System.

KP RULE FOR WINNING IN AN ELECTION: If the csl of 6th cusp is a significator of any of 6,10,11 houses then the person will qualify but if that csl signifies cusps 4,5,12 then the opponent wins. If he favors both equally the we have to see the significations of mahadasha- antardasha lord.
The sixth cusp sub lord is Saturn posited in 7th bhava in sub of Sun in 11th bhava.
The 10th cusp sublord is Rahu in sub of moon in 6th bhava.
The 11th cusp sublord is Saturn in 7th bhava in sub of sun in 11th bhava.
CONCLUSION: Menaka Gnadhi will WIN the election. As the chart is very strong for her win we need not see dasha bhukti etc.