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Will you have secret /multiple sexual encounters in life

Will you have secret /multiple  sexual encounters in life
The vastness of KP is still unfathomed. For every incident of life Guruji had given predictions and later the followers of KP increased its panorama. The matter above is a vital matter in everone`s life. If your wife is having sexual relations with other person(s) or you are indulged in sex with other women then one day usually you find yourself nowhere and it is the end of the institution called family and those who suffer most are the children.
But no one cares in todays fast moving materialisc world and swapping has increased many fold silently and secretly.The BPO generation knows no ethics or character mostly, as far as I have known them. Once I went to the house of a BPO employee in bombay for some work and she was living with a guy and a dog. The time when I went there the dog was sleeping with her on the bed and the guy was doing household works. There were several news items in major newspapers about the sexual patterns of BPO employees and one was telling that mainly they have two partners – one they love and one with whom they like to have sex!!! The guy is called “fuckfriend”. And this was in 2007. I don’t know how much these people have advanced since then.
It is not only BPO, we read in newspapers daily about murders due to illicit relation of wife or husband. In many joint families, not everyone, incest is seen many times. Our sages have clearly highlighted the rules and regulations to follow in a wedded life for both man and woman. Now we don’t even find those books, leave aside such people. In western culture having sex with multiplicities is as common as having bubblegum. So no point in talking about them. Osho, said that when our lust is fed fully then we can progress towards god or meditation, I don’t see any sages coming up from west till date. And the story of indian Baba`s is now all in the open. Who was Osho referring to? Humans or martians I am still confused.
 5th cusp and its csl refers to love affairs, premarital connections apart from other things. Venus governs romantic life or romance ingredient and mars makes one animalisitc  and saturn creates secrecy or develops secret relations.
In the book “Astrology and Human Sex life” Robson writes: should venus be in aspected by mars, each planet being in other`s house, there will be intercourse with a brother or sister or bloodrelation. If, at the same time venus if with moon in a man`s horosocope he will have sex with his sisters or other near relatives. If the same venus is with Jupiter in a woman`s horoscope then she will have sex with brother or other near relatives.
Venus aspec t with saturn or interchange of constellations indicate union with relatives. In a woman`s horosocpe it indicates union with sons or sons in law. If however sun instead of moon is conjoined with the angular planet and specially if venus and mars precede the sun in the zodiac man will have intercourse with their daughters or daughters in law, women with their fathers, paternal uncles or son in laws …….
For a chaste woman Guruji has said in his 4th reader- “If the sublord of the seventh cusp is not Mars, Venus, or saturn and the same sublord is not deposited in the constellation of Mars, Venus or Saturn occupying the signs of mars, venus and saturn then the woman will be chaste. So long as her ascendant is in the constellation of lord of 11th cusp, aspected by Jupiter she will really be chaste.
For a Man Guruji has said nothing so I will assume the same applies on both.
The 8th cusp deals with sex apart from other things.
To find out such nature of a person: 1,5,11 cusp should be connected with mars, venus, saturn. They can rule this cusp, mars venus can be significator of 1 and 11 and being aspected by saturn, and venus aspected by mars. The cusp of 1 and 11 being in venus sign mars star or saturn sub or vice versa. These three should be connected with the aforesaid cusps anyhow then a person will have such desires and will perform such acts when the favoring dasha comes.
Chart of a female.
22-8-1962, doha, qatar.
She was such a beautiful lady that she was given a job of airhostess in qatar airways when she was just 19. A passenger fell in love with her and married her. He was a tycoon owning his own shipping company. She finally got divorced after many long years of marriage because she fell in love with a boy of 21 years old when she was herself 40. That Boy exploited her in all ways and left her when the purpose was solved. She had innumerable sexual encouters in her life and even now she is a keep of a rich guy in bombay. I met her in year 2001 and I told her having an affair with a person of age very lesser than her when I Saw her palm. The I told told her the month when she will be divorced.
Cusp 1 is in star of venus, sub of saturn, 5 is also in star of venus sub of saturn, cusp 11 is in sub of saturn , though jupiter is aspecting 11th house but is retrograde and is posited in 6th bhava. She was a heavy drunkard also and took drugs in her youth as she told me.

22-10-1968, MALE, 8:00,77E43-22N45
Venus itself in ascendant, aspected by mars, venus in scorpio, the natural 8th house, 11th cusp in sub of venus, 5th cusp in star of saturn sub of venus, the 8th csl ketu in 11th .Jupiter is in sub of saturn. This guy cannot count on fingers how many females he had slept with, after and before his marriage.
Male,19-3-1973, 83E24, 21N54,9:05
Saturn in ascendant aspecting venus, 5th cusp in star of venus sub of mars, 11th cusp in star of rahu sub of sub…sun in star and sub of saturn,sun mercury venus in 11th house. He holds a very high post in indian media (news) industry in one of the the most watched channels.Has had many such relations for a long long time.never ending desire.
This person himself a very good KP Astrologer with name and fame, to begin with. What is interesting is when he was studying in russia , a women who were twins, fell in love with her and later her twin sister also gave in. Apart from them, he had many such encounters. So this person enjoyed Russia better than james bond and other celebrities. He is a very big drunkard and people of India cannot drink like him. He is a very close friend.So he wont mind giving his chart see the chart : saturn aspecting mars and ascendant, venus conjunct moon in 7th house, mercury in 8th ( he has become partial impotent),jupiter and saturn in sub ov venus, mars in star of saturn and sub of venus.
I can give up more charts but I think the point is now clear to readers. If a person has such combinations then whether male or female, they will indulge in illegal sexual relations and most of the time people will never know until unless they get a adverse dasha. Luckily to these people they never got adverse dasha and are managing their family life ,except the women, very nicely. The intention is to prove Guruji Ksk theory correct , nothing else. Please dont confuse yourself with relative charts untill unless you have grasp on the subject matter.