Sunday, February 23, 2014


On 26th february Venus will be moving to capricorn a sign of his good friend saturn. She will be joining regtrograde mercury. Capricorn is an earthy sign,  which is secretive also. The transit will be having following effects on the natives:
1)      ARIES: Venus is maraka planet for aries, being lord of 2 and saturn is badhaka being lord of 11. Venus will be in sign of saturn thus maraka badhaka will be joining hands in a way. It will pass through uttrashadaha , shravan and dhanishta constellations.planet gives result of its star lord and the nature is decided by the sub it occupies during transit. The natives will have problems in personal life, delays in getting results, their house will be needing extra attention and there may be problems from children. There could also be loss in speculation.
2)      TAURUS: There will be pious deeds performed by you to show off. Long travels are also there. Servants and pets will give problems. There could be trouble in digestive organs too. You will get name and fame.
3)      GEMINI: there will be gains from opponents, you will make wealth. But you will lack confidence and that will be a problem. Your duality will be the sourceof delays. There will be innate desire for secret unions and such acts.
4)      CANCER: you will have disease related to secretion of fluids and proper circulations. Gains from spouse or partners are also there for you. There will goodness in work sphere and you might think of expansion.
5)      LEO: venereal diseases may catch you. You will make good money. There will be expenses beyond control. You will be investing in real estate or think of mortgaging your immovable assets.
6)      VIRGO: YOU will have good time in the beginning and then there will be hurdles. Interest in romance music arts will increase, if you are from such fields then this will be a goood transit for you initially. There will be sudden delay and losses in the last phase.
7)      LIBRA: If you are going through bhukti or antara of venus then this will be a promising period for you, there will be name in work field and performance will become better. There will be new contacts. The last phase may give you some setbacks.
8)      SCORPIO:  Ascendant lord is going afflicted these days and creating turmoils worldwide. You also will not be unscathed. This transit will be more on the negative side for you. You will have mating in this transit, with your known or unknown persons. Friends will be helpful. You may try to use occult tricks to get your things done secretly.
9)      SAGITTARIUS: VENUS rules 6th and 11th house and will be transiting in 2nd house of money, but nothing much will be realised because the stars in which it will transit are not very favorable for earnings. Ascendant lord itself is running retrograde. You will gain name and popularity but not money for the time being. There will be small incidents of accomplishments but nothing bigger.
10)   CAPRICORN: Love is in the air, was a very nice song and will be coming true for you in this time, though you people arent much openly showing your inclination towards this human nature. If you are looking for love try in this period, married people will have good time. Aspect of mars and proximity with mercury will give you chances for union but it will be short termed. So make the most of it.
11)   AQUARIUS: you may change your residence or office. You will have expenses on useless things. You will be getting more addicted if already are, towards the prohibited norms of society. You will have name and fame but not much monetory gains. So something is better than nothing should be the thought for the time being.

12)   PISCES: this will be a good time for you. There will be monetory gains, name fame and popularity. You will do short travels. There will be gains form unexpected sources. You may become a victim of black magic so you need to be careful in your outings and eatings away from home.