Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Sun  the ruler of planetary kingdom, will be moving to Aquarius, the sign of knowledge ruled by Saturn – the son of sun. It will be passing through constellations of Mars,Rahu, Jupiter. It will be joining Mercury and will be aspected by Jupiter. Both these planets are retrograde. The general effects on various ascendants would be :
1)      ARIES: you will be making erroneous judgments. Your children may become ill and their scholastic performance will become inferior. You will be prone to fevers and sickness. There will be strife in the family. You may meet old friends and gain popularity for a while but you will not enjoy it.
2)      TAURUS: You may apply for a loan. There will be professional progress. You will lose money in speculation. You will be hiding you innate desires from others. There could be trouble in left eye. You will feel weak and lethargic.
3)      GEMINI: you will lose in competition. There is possibility of losses in speculative activities. You may go to meet friends and take one a leisure trip of long distance with them. You will do religious deeds. Some of you may be looking for love and solace.
4)      CANCER: There will be professional progress. You may renovate your home. You may move away from your kids for a while. Health of elders may become a cause of concern.
5)      LEO: There will be birth of daughter, if expecting. Good month for you from many aspects. You will become more aggressive and hot headed. You will have short journeys. You will become popular and people will share their thoughts with you.
6)      VIRGO: there will be professional success. Your job or business will be good. Personal life will be very adverse. There will be several ups and downs this month for you. You may become ill due to workloads.
7)      LIBRA: you may go for a lawsuit in this month. Personal life could be the reason. There will be favors done towards you and you will rise professionally. Luck factor will be with you. You will have good time.
8)      SCORPIO: long journeys are there for you, so is lack of attention towards self. Efforts will not yield much result. You will work very hard but in vein. Expenses will tantamount.
9)      SAGITTARIUS: Health of your father will improve, you will see luck factor working towards you. There will be success in legal matters and in general this will be good period. Work front will not be very encouraging.
10)   CAPRICORN: You will get old money back; will have gains through policies etc. You will have good time overall. There will be personal and professional satisfaction and success but in the last phase there will be expenses and anxieties.
11)   AQUARIUS: this month will be full of travels and losses. You will try to concentrate but will not be successful. You will be having duality in coming to a decision. You will have expenses beyond control.
12)   PISCES: this will be a good month personally and professionally. You will remain good and happy mostly which is most important thing in life. The only problem will be of health which may get beyond repair if not taken seriously. So please look into it and get proper medication for anything small also.