Friday, February 7, 2014

Retrogression of mercury IN AQUARIUS-CAPRICORN 2014

Retrogression of mercury IN AQUARIUS-CAPRICORN 2014
Mercury will be getting retrograde in aquarius on 7th feb 2014 and will remain such till 28th february. Mercury is not a cruel planet and takes the attributes of planets conjoined with it. This time mercury will be joining sun from 13th february.
The general effects on the natives could be:
1)      ARIES: Luck factor will become unfavorable, you may have delay in legal matters and they can go against you. You may have strife with friends and younger siblings. You will have extra expenses coming your way. Servants may irritate you. Your communication gadgets will not be working properly.
2)      TAURUS:  Loss of money is there, don’t speculate or trust close ones also. Invest after thorough consideration. The windows of your house may be need repairing of some kind. Children may fell ill for a while and perform bad in exams during this time. The electrical wiring of your house or office might get damaged. Those having love affair may see a setback. There will be lack of communication between you and your loved on. There could  be break up.
3)      GEMINI: lack of decisivesness will become more prominent. You may become popular though. You will do good deeds and will get good will in return.Your mother may have high B.P.  and nervous tensions for a while. Nothing serious.There will delays in your own works due to your self.
4)      CANCER: there will be wastages on trivia. You will have sudden loss. You will be paying your debts in parts. Friends will not be supportive. There will be loss of interest in family activities. There will be strife with spouse.
5)      LEO: you will get short tempered, will become rash. You will have expenses due to your spouse. She may demand a travel trip from you. Your finances will be delayed in realising.You will see that friends are also not that friendly and you may have scuffle with them. Your girlfriend may ask for expensive gadgets. You may enjoy pleasure of union.
6)      VIRGO:  there could be sickeness leading to a hospital for short time. The problem will not be diagnosed soon. There could be problem to kids, there will be setbacks in personal life. There will be secret desires in you waiting to fulfilled which will make you more baked up.Authorities will not be supportive.
7)      LIBRA: If you are into entertainment media industry then not a good time for you. Your personal life will also not be good to the expected levels. Luck will fail you mostly in general. You will have duality in your mind in choosing your future steps.
8)      SCORPIO: Work progress will be good , you may think about selling your home, buying a new one. There could be minor vehicular mishaps leading to bruises in things, ankle etc. you will get money from scruplous sources.
9)      SAGITTARIUS: short travels are there will family, losses in travels are also there due to family. You may go to a holy place. Your love partner may get a new partner in the coming time. Work front will be discouraging. But anyways , it is not for long so you neednt worry on that matter.
10)   CAPRICORN: there might be gain through debts, you will be having bad thoughts in mind . your father may be sick. Luck will not favor you. Your maternal uncle may visit you. There will be quarrels with lower grade people on the issue of quality etc.
11)   AQUARIUS:  Not a good time , you need to act wisely and decide with brain not heart. There will be losses, your mind will be unfocused throughout. You will feel irritated for no reason at all as if someone is pinching you knowingly and you are not able to do anything for it.

12)   PISCES: You may go for a leisure trip. This transit wont be having much effects on you. Good or bad. There will be travels due to work also. There will be problems in getting things in order and in virtual communications.