Monday, January 20, 2014


Now-a-days a new trend has begun in matchmaking of horoscopes, people try to fix the marriage with the native who will not only be helpful to her husband but also to parents of the husband. We are seeing in increase of divorces also as the modarn day astrology is progressing. Either there is some defect in modern matchmaking or the astrologers are not fully competent or God has thrown all the sinners in this century to reap the fruits of their sins of past life so nothing is able to hold a family stable for long in many cases.
Still, matchmaking is a must in most of hindu homes and now it has become a trend in all religions because of the increasing divorce ratios in all religions. No one asks whether a son in law will be helpful to his wife`s family in the same way as she is expected to be. And this is a topic which usually no one wants to pursue because of male dominated society in which we live. The relations of husband with the parents of the girl and viceversa are becoming and important  factor in divorce. Husbands usually are illreceptive towards their inlaws and viceversa. Parda or ghoonghat  has become obsolete and wish of elders has become an object of mockery in many homes. This degradation of family values  is outcome of westernisation and modernisation of our  Indian culture and society and people are paying the price in courtrooms. Various brainless tv shows are major reason for it. Television and cellphones have corrupted social values beyond imagination.
Guruji shree KSK has written about it in his fourth reader, but he took the charts of the parents of the girl and with respect to it he has given the rule. Now a days no one carries so many charts with them and so I thought that there should be some logic which can be developed further by fellow astrologers to arrive at a common decision about the topic in question from the chart of the girl itself.
 The seventh house is of the spouse, the 9th of the father of the native in question and 4th of the mother. Ninth house is also about luck and  5th house being 9th to 9th is another important house. It is after all luck, fate, destiny which makes a person suffer or enjoy what ever he or she is going through and will go through. Luck is the final verdict of God. It cannot be changed. A good aspect or conjuction or rashi navansha positions must indicate the interpersonal relations of the subject with his inlaws.  We will see four charts and discuss about their husbands and relation of husband with their parents, father primarily as he is the head of the home still.
The fifth house is 9th house of ninth and seventh house is 11th house of ninth. So these houses along with other will have their say in our discussion. In my experience I have found this dictum correct to the last word that “before time and more than destined no one gets nothing”.
Life in villages is so peaceful and calm that one will be surprised to see. Our values and culture is still alive there and this is a main reason for long life and happiness of the family members, though slowly the cyanide of modernisation is reaching there also. we can see that breakups in marriage are rampant in metros than in villages. Life is meant to be peaceful, soothing, calm and helping not fighting, quarraling, dominating over each other. Someone will have to let go the ego so that both can remain happy and peaceful. The women folk has not suddenly become a working class but she has been working even before independence, what has changed now is the viewpoint of the women and so we are witnessing the results daily in newspapers. That time women maintained their dignity and dignity of the both families. Men were also different and obeyed elders generally. Everything has changed now.
The other factor is the dasha period which changes a human according to its significations, so while for a particular time there are cordial relations between the inlaws and son in law it becomes negative later and there are reverse cases also, the main reason is the dasha which follows upon the native.
Below are four charts of females with different place of birth and time and two of them are real sisters with different natured husbands.
1)      13-11-1974. 6:15. Ashoknagar m.p.

2)      7 feb 1973. 9:15. Atarra U.P.

3)      25-11-1954. 4:30. HYDERABAD.

4)      4 JAN 1975. 9:05. ITARSI M.P.

So with my small knowledge, I think we must look at connection of 5th, 7th sublords with 9th cusp sublord. We must also look at the strength of 5th and 9th house. See the irony here that 5th house is called laxmi sthaan, house of luck of father and fourth house is called sukh sthaan. 4th is of mother and 5th is of luck of the father of a native. 4th house is 12th to 5th house which means that God himself wanted all fathers to be devoid of luck because of mother of the native. Which also means that when our parents grow old they need sukh and luck both to remain happy and this is a duty of every child male or female to provide it without any questions no matter what ever there horoscopes say.
1)      The husband of the first chart is away and is on enemic mode for the family of the girl since begining. The 7th and 9th csl is saturn in sub of mercury. Mercury is in 12th house which is 8th to 5th house. At the time of marriage the couple was running mahadasha of saturn. It clearly shows bad relations. It is also fourth house from 9th thus negating 5th house or good relations.
2)      In the second chart the 5th cuspal sublord is saturn in sub of ketu in fourth house. The 9th cuspal sublord is Jupiter in sub of saturn in 3rd house which is 11th to 5th  . The native is a dedicated son in law and obeys them like a pet. Saturn is also the cuspal sublord of third house.
3)      In the third chart the 5th cuspal sublord is mercury in sub of saturn in first house which is 5th house to 9th. The native has a very friendly husband towards her parents since marriage. The 9th csl is saturn in star and sub of jupiter in 9th bhava thus becoming strong significator for 9th house. The husband is presently going through mahadasha of saturn and has very good relations with inlaws since beginning of the marriage.
4)      The 5th cuspal sublord is saturn in sub of saturn in 5th house. The girl has a very obedient husband towards her parents. The husband of the native is presently going through mahadasha of jupiter which is in first bhava , the 5th house to 9th house. The 9th csl is venus in sub of saturn. The second csl is sun in sub of rahu in 10th bhava which is second to 9th . These are friendly bhavas and so the relations are also very good.

Thus we see that role of 5th house is more important than 7th house when it comes to interpersonal relations of the son in law with the father of the girl. Readers can experiment on more charts and I am sure they will find 2,5,9,11 house significations from the 9th house in action when the relations are good and 6,,8,12 from 9th or 9th to 9th house when the relations are sour or bad.