Thursday, January 2, 2014

Virgo 2014 Horoscope

Virgo 2014 Horoscope
Virgo 2014 Horoscope (Vedic horoscope/ Ascendant sign based)
Ruled by mercury, the natives of this sign are intelligent, but are more in speaking than in doing. They are talkative and like boasting. They forget things midway and thus are not able to complete the given tasks in time. They usually  are seen working under someone and due to the duality factor, they start many things but leave them in between. Uttarfalguni, Hast, Chitra are constellations in this sign ruled by Sun, Moon and Mars respectively.    
Family Horoscope 2013
The year will begin with all sorts of problems in the family and will remain like that till november. You will be having problems throughout the year in this regard. There will be sickness, Serious disease to family members this year. Therefore, you have to be prepared for this. The problems will increase after June.
Health Horoscope 2013
Health front will also be an area of dissatisfaction. You will be getting many problems starting from tip to toe. There could be problem to your father also in the very beginning of the year itself. You should be very cautious this year in this regard.  The areas which will be affected the most will be throat, teeth, nerves,abdomen and lungs.
Love Horoscope 2013
This year love life will suffer too. It will be better if you take steps after serious thoughts and speak after thinking the result. Otherwise you may lose forever, what you had since long. Do not think of love, romance etc this year. Married people need to live with great understanding because misunderstanding and foul mouthing are indicated.
Career Horoscope 2013
Career wise growth is there in your horoscope. You will be performing well in job and business both and it will improve as the time will pass. People in business will have major benefits in the second half of the year and working people will be enjoying the year all around. You need to focus on your goals, always, as your main problem is lack of focus.
Money Horoscope 2013
Finances are not good until first half. You will feel the pinch of low finances and the extra effort you will have to put in to attain it. Only after july things will get little better and then after November there will be a good time. Do not make useless expenses and try to save as much you can this year.
Education Horoscope 2013

Education will also be not good. There will be delay in everything you want to do or achieve. Students of any stream will be having bad time this year. There will be improvement after June and then after November but do not expect much this year.