Monday, January 13, 2014


Dear Readers, AAP has emerged as a shock to all the major parties in the country. Infact, many govenrments have started implementing their ways in other states. People have high hopes from them and they are also doing their best to deliver. The major opposition BJP is aiming to grab the PM seat in loksabha 2014 elections and congress with major defeat in all the four states is regrooming itself with an image transformation. AAP is going to be a major factor in the fulfillment of dreams seen by BJP with NarendraModi as PM in waiting. Whether they say it or not, we all know that everyone is taking AAP seriously now. But there is another face of the story, AAP fought against congress and they took support of congress to form a government. Now people are having doubts about the intentions of the party leaders. AAP has also sidelined the advise of anna hazare to not contest in ls polls. Many people are asking that how long will this party last which is now seems to lacking in its commitments against corruption and whose leaders makes anti natioanl statements and go scotfree. I am talking about the prashant bhushan`s view on kashmir which has not changed since he was slapped earlier and now people broke the AAP office at kaushambi.
The prime house for longevity is 8th house. Ascendant sublord indicates about the health and vitality. For fixed ascendant 9th house is badhaka and houses 2 and 7 are general marak houses or death inflicting houses.
12th house is for defect, 6th for disease and 8th is for danger as per Guruji Shree ksk. The ascendant sub lord is mars in 7th bhava, it is in star of moon – the sixth lord, thus it is not good. The badhakapati is venus and marak lords are Jupiter and sun. Sun and venus are in 11th hosue and Jupiter is in 5th house.
Sun is in star of venus and venus is in star of sun, Mercury is in star of sun, saturn and Jupiter are in star of Jupiter, the marakadhipati. Rahu and saturn are in 8th bhava and rahu being in sign of venus is dangerous.
Ketu mahadasha is upto 31-12-2015 then mahadasha of venus will begin till 31-12-2035 and then there will be mahadasha of sun till 31-12-2041. Thus there will be dashas of badhaka and maraka simultaneously. Rahu is in own star and no planet is in star of mercury, the eighth lord. Jupiter is aspecting the ascendant but it is retrograde. There is no other malefic or benefic aspect upon the ascendant. Moon is hemmed between the malefics and is aspected by mars but ascendant is more or less strong. This horosocpe does not promise purnayushya or full longevity but it settles for alpayu and madhyayu  or medium life span.
Since this is a growing party, not an individual so it will not be rational to see death of a party but surely this can show us a period from which there will be least or no activity from this entity. Ascendant sub in marak sthaan and in star of 6th lord promises problem all along which will become the cause of its declination.
Ketu mahadasha is clean and there will be no trouble what so ever. Then venus mahadasha will operate which is badhakapati. Venus, sun, mercury, saturn are significators of 11th house apart from other houses. Rahu antara will end on 1-3-2026 in mahadasha of venus. Its pratyantara will remain till 13-8-2023. Thus we can say that period between 2023 to 2026 will be the period in which this party will tend to become dysfunctional completely.

We have LS POLLS this year and this party has saturn antara in mahadasha of ketu till 3-1-2015. Saturn is a strong significator of 5th and 8th house apart from others. It is definate that this party will lose heavily in the LS polls and because saturn being the ascendant lord is also a significator of 12th house, as per shree KSK , it will be their own acts which will make the people develop apathy towards them.