Thursday, January 2, 2014

Taurus 2014 Horoscope

Taurus 2014 Horoscope
Taurus 2014 Horoscope (Vedic horoscope/ Ascendant sign based)
Taurus comprises of three constellations, Krittika, Rohini, Mrigshira ruled by Sun, Moon and Mars respectively. Venus owns the sign, which is fixed and earthy in nature, the natives also are simple, Sober straight and like beauty and physical pleasures because the lord is Venus itself. They are stable in thoughts and do not change their decisions often.
Family Horoscope 2013
Family life will be good throughout the year. Presence of benefic Jupiter in house of family is very good. Particularly upto June there will be very good atmosphere in the family and there will be new addition to the family members and celebrations in the family. There will be new friendships and new relations this year. Elder brother will be source of happiness to many of you.
Health Horoscope 2013
Health is going to be a concern this year for you. You should avoid foods outside otherwise you may become a victim of severe food poisoning. Shoulders and teeth, throat etc will be giving you troubles. Also your liver is at risk this year so control drinks if you are habitual to it. After June the problem might aggravate for you.
Love Horoscope 2013
This year is a good time to get love and give in return. Those who are of marriageable age will be getting married. However, the first month is not favorable for romance but after February there will be pleasant time for you. You should come forward boldly with your feelings otherwise there is every possibility that you will be misunderstood by the one you want to spend good times.  The time will be favorable till November this year so make the best out of it.
Career Horoscope 2013
Career wise also this year promises many new achievements for people in job or business. You will be moving ahead in your goals and will outcompete others. You will be supported by your seniors and will make new roads this year. You will be changing your job this year for higher package and businessmen will be adding new products or stream to their trade for increasing finance.
Money Horoscope 2013
There is ample money for you this year. For businesspersons this year is very much beneficial and they will see growth from the beginning from the year. You will be able to do good amount of savings also. You are prone to financial cheating also this year so better do not trust anyone and do not sign documents without proper reading.
Education Horoscope 2013
Education will be good throughout the year. Students of all stream will come up with good marks. There will be success in competitive exams for higher education as well as bachelors level education also. Science students will come up with new projects and ideas which will give them recognition in their institute or university.