Saturday, January 4, 2014


Mercury will be transiting to Capricorn on 8th January 2014, Capricorn is a movable, feminine earthy sign and mercury is a fast moving planet and a eunuch. The sign lord Saturn is not inimical towards mercury. Mercury is the main planet for all kind of media activities and communication. It rules third and sixth house  in kaalpurush horoscope. Mercury will pass through constellations of sun, moon and mars in this period. Mercury rules over central nervous system. A mercurian personality is highly intellectual, ingenious and analytical. They could not stick to one decision for long.
Effects on various natives: Capricorn is the tenth sign in kaalpurusha chart and 10th house is the prime house for work, name, fame, popularity and promotions- elevations. This transit will be complete soon still the effects would be:
1)      ARIES: Media persons, software engineers, post and telegraph personnel, law related people, people from printing and screening, D.T.P operators etc will be benefited by this transit as they will see career elevation and popularity. We may see some news reporter coming up with breaking news having vast impact. There will be chances of serious injury or enmity for such Arians. Some may leave jobs in this period.
2)      TAURUS: There could be defamation to the natives of this ascendant. There will be short travels and there will be wastages and increased expenses. Health of spouse may cause problem. You will have to spend on her and family members. You should remain decisive as usual otherwise there will be problems to you.
3)      GEMINI: Ruled by mercury is a dual natured and at times a very funny sign. You will win in legal matters; there will be some renovation at home. You will be nervous and ill tempered during this time. Some secret plot can be constructed against you. Travel agents, stock brokers, financers and money lenders will face losses. People from media, banking, communications of this ascendant will face professional setbacks.
4)      CANCER: You friends, the money lenders, stockbrokers, uniformed personnel, politicians of this ascendant will lose to their opponents. Some of cancerians may have sudden gains and good news. There will be bed pleasures to some natives. There is possibility of quarrels with younger siblings and neighbors.
5)      LEO: This is going to be fortunate transit for you in general and you can carry on with your plans for the future growth or expansion. There will very less or no hurdles at all during this time. There will be increased expenditure on lavishness and wasteful things but it hardly matters for you. Legal matters will go in your favor in this time.
6)      VIRGO: This is another sign of mercury where he gets exalted. This is a earthy sign. Your opponents will be in a good period and you will see losses and failures mostly during this period. Your goals will be delayed and remain unfinished in this time. Health will give problems and you will have short temper during this time.
7)      LIBRA: Both sun and moon are benefics for this sign and Mercury also partially benefic. You will have good time, when mercury will be in sub of Saturn, rahu, venus, sun, moon it will be good for you. For the rest subs it will be harmful. You will have to spend more and think more and you will be irritated many times during this transit.
8)      SCORPIO: you may become a victim of food poisoning, bad stomach and skin infections. Mercury is promising gains, good friends, Long travels and fame. You will be aggressive at work.
9)      SAGITTARIUS: Relations with father will get better; you will share time with him. There are chances of long journeys, there will be gain of money and you may buy new gadgets during this time.
10)   CAPRICORN: You will think of a change in routine life, change in work and allied things. You will become sick for short period. You will become centre of attraction in your friend circle. Incresed expenses and long journeys are there waiting for you.
11)   AQUARIUS: There will be hidden gains, hurdles in work and delays in general. There is nothing much to worry. You may receive old payments. Some of you may apply for loans. There will be gains through women folks. Some of you may think to repay your old EMI`s.
12)   PISCES: Mercury gets debilitated in this sign but this transit will be good for pisces. You will have monetory gains, mental peace but delays in the last part of the transit. There will be efforts from a few for acquiring a new residence and there will be happy functions for same natives. Wedlock is also promised in this time and it will be good.