Thursday, January 2, 2014

Libra 2014 Horoscope

Libra 2014 Horoscope
Libra 2014 Horoscope (Vedic horoscope/ Ascendant sign based)
Venus rules the sign Libra. The native is business minded, spend lavishly on him/her, is of adjusting nature, love their family and are attracted to opposite sex. Kidney and uterus are denoted by this sign. It consists of chitra, swati, vishakha constellations ruled by Mars, Rahu and Jupiter respectively. Sometimes they lose their balance and are very talkative and selfish.    
Family Horoscope 2013
In the initial months there will be rift in the family. You will be having misunderstandings and little quarrels in house. After March, things will start to get better for you. You will feel the pressure again after July and this is not a good year for happy family life. You will have to be adjusting and understanding what others are asking for from you.
Health Horoscope 2013
This year you will be suffering from backaches, Headaches, pains in abdomen, problems in genitals, females will be having irregular months. You need to take proper rest and proper medication. Do not ignore health issues otherwise, later you will be suffering more. There will enlargement of liver to some of you this year.
Love Horoscope 2013
Love matters need to be addressed properly because rahu is afflicting your fifth lord saturn. You need to be careful in your day to day contacts with people and do not say yes to every proposal that comes in your way. You may be used in the name of love for other purposes is very likely. In the months of June-August, be careful and act wisely. This is not a good year for romance, love etc and married couples also will not be able to enjoy much in their lives. Permanent break up or divorce is also on the list of possible incidents which will happen to many of you.
Career Horoscope 2013
Career is not going to be any major issue this year. You will be working finely and performing the desired tasks. You will change job also this year. Increase in work is also there for you and there will be high work pressure. Businesspersons or professionals  will have to be careful in making any big decisions as it may backfire and give loss and problems to you.
Money Horoscope 2013
Finances will be good this year. You will buy gold and ornaments. You will also be able to do savings this year. You need to control your lavish spending for savings because you will need it next year. Some of you will earn by speculation also. You are born trader anyways, whether in job or business, you know how to get things turn for you so this year use it to the fullest. A new vehicle is also there for some of you.
Education Horoscope 2013

Students will be doing below average and the situation will improve only after November. Due to problems in the family and your personal life, you will not be able to focus properly and you will be getting irritated soon this year. Therefore, it will be wise to keep cool head and remove the negative thoughts from your mind. Doing pranayaam will be a great advantage for you.