Thursday, January 2, 2014

Gemini 2014 Horoscope

Gemini 2014 Horoscope
Gemini 2014 Horoscope (Vedic horoscope/ Ascendant sign based)
Mercury is ruler of Gemini, which is a sign of intellect, business acumen, fastidiousness and lack of decisive ability. The duality of the sign makes the natives ponder much than required and waste the time in thinking extra. Gemini comprises of Mrigshira, Ardra, Punarvasu constellations ruled by Mars, Rahu and Jupiter respectively.
Family Horoscope 2013
Presence of Jupiter in ascendant bestows all kind of happiness to you. There will be good atmosphere in the family and your interpersonal relations  also will remain intact with youngers and elders both. This will be continued for all the year round.  You will see new addition to the family after june and there will be purchase of gold, Clothes etc this year.
Health Horoscope 2013
You will be suffering from problems of gastritis, intestinal pains, Joint pains this year. Avoid contaminated water, as it will give you sudden stroke of bad health. If you have habit of smoking, then it is strictly advisable to lower the frequency or quit completely. In month of march and april be careful as this time you will get bad health. Your family members can also fall sick this time or meet with an accident.
Love Horoscope 2013
For matters of love there will be total disappointment this year. In the beginning of the year itself you may have breakups with your beloved. Defamation can be caused due to your activities so be careful. Do not try to act over smart otherwise, you will fall flat. After July, there will be new affairs in your life and you will be thinking a lot about it but if you seek success then you will have to be patient and wait till November.
Career Horoscope 2013
Career wise this is going to be a great year for you. Particularly for businesspersons this year has a lot to give. Professionals will also be performing and achieving the targets given. There will be lot of support generated in your favor this year, but professionals and business people related to stocks will have a nightmare.
Money Horoscope 2013
If you do not speculate and maintain steady path, then this year has lot to give. Do not expect any lottery in your favour or such things but keep working and saving. Investing anywhere will give you loss particularly in shares and property. You will be starting some new venture this year which will not be a success by your standards and you will be dejected, but do not lose hope as
Education Horoscope 2013
For students this year is a mixed bag. Students of technical, Medical stream and those from metallurgy and allied sciences will perform well but pupils from commerce will not be oding so well this year.