Monday, December 16, 2013



There are many talks, misconceptions, views on sexual activity in our society, most of the time people do not like to discuss it in open, and it continues. I will be discussing here the behavior of a native in the intimate act and reasons and possible cure for ill performance. Erotic power or sexual power is something which has been a very under the seat thing in our society. It applies to men mostly and as we are a paternal and male chauvinistic society, this could be the reason people are reluctant to talk about it. In an era of Venus domination, we are witnessing many things from aphrodisiacs to elongating machines etc... Which are doing nothing but just taking the advantage of this silence and feeling of shame , it is nothing but a clear-cut psychological blackmail assuring a brighter sunrise, which never happens. Duration of intercourse is something, which has become a thing to be proud of, and attracts a lot of attention from the obvious counterparts.  

When we go to a medical shop, in front we see tablets, syrups, oils and powders of increasing sex power of male and increasing breast sizes of a female. The life saving drugs etc are behind all this crap. Are they really working or people are just keeping on trying one option after another to saturate their lust? In my opinion, they are simply wasting money for something useless after a period of life. In our shastras it is clearly mentioned about when to have intercourse and why to do it in the first place. 

Astrology has answers for you for this matter of life also which has become the foremost priority of males and females equally. In this article, I will be talking about men only. All planets are assigned genders, which are:

1)      Sun            : Male

2)      Moon        : Female

3)      Mars          : Male

4)      Mercury    : Eunuch, but changes with conjunctions and aspects.

5)      Jupiter       : Male

6)      Venus        : Female

7)      Saturn       : Eunuch

Every alternate sign is a female sign starting from Aries, so Taurus is a female sign. Obviously when a male planet will be occupying a female sign there will be interchange of attributes and thus there will be a different picture coming out. The seventh and eighth house deals with the sex organs. Impotence, if not physically damaged organs, is purely psychological and needs proper counseling and medication in majority of the cases. Going to a psychiatrist or a MBBS V.D. specialist is a far better option than wasting money in all such things or going to self proclaimed doctors of sexual power enhancers whose photos we see in and around every public toilet and railway stations and other places. 

Some combinations, which may render a person impotent, are:

1)      Rahu or Saturn in second, mercury in 8th and moon in 12th house,

2)      If moon is hemmed between malefic and eighth house be occupied by ketu or mercury, 

3)      If Saturn and mercury are in eighth house and moon afflicted by rahu,

These are few of the combinations for rendering a person impotent, but it is not permanent until unless physically damaged. About the nature of the organs the planetary effects are:

1)      If the eighth house belongs to Jupiter, the sexual organs will be of normal size and function,

2)      If the eighth house belongs to Saturn then the organs will be longer and languid with abnormal functions,

3)      If the eighth house belongs to venus then the native has beautiful organs and they enjoy their intimate life,

4)      If the eighth house belongs to Mars then the organ will be small but the desire will be high and person will be sensuous

5)      If the eighth house be of mercury then the native will suffer from inferiority complex with regard to sexual matters,

6)      If the eighth house belongs to sun, the person will have virile organs and the functions will be normal,

7)      If the eighth house belongs to moon then the person will have normal organs and functionality will depend upon the mood of the person.

The planets occupying eighth house change the above results, mercury, in eighth, not in own house and not aspected by benefics will make a person disappointing in sex life; otherwise it will be a normal function. Rahu in eighth makes a person maniac for the act and ketu imparts hypersensitivity for the same.

Sexual behavior of a native: It depends upon the nature of the 7th house and the planets occupying the same:

1)      If the seventh house is occupied or aspected by mars, the person will be angry in the act and will destroy the pleasure,

2)      If the same planet is Jupiter then the person makes ardent love,

3)      If Saturn then the person will have mean outlook for the union and may behave like animal in the act,

4)      If rahu then the person behaves as if he is stealing something and will be shy in the act,

5)      If Ketu then person will be hypersensitive and will have premature ejaculation,

6)      If the Venus then the person takes great delight in the act,

7)      If mercury then the person suffers from nervous exhaustion and premature ejaculation,

8)      If Moon then the person will take great delight in the act but mere aspect of moon is not sufficient,

9)      If sun then the person will be aggressive in the act.

The various conjunctions, dashas, and transit change the patterns accordingly and one has to take in account all the factors to judge properly about the intimate acts of a native. If you are suffering from a inferiority complex about nonperformance of your organ, then it is better to consult a regular doctor and a psychiatrist. You should wear gem stone of the planet which will enhance your durability in the act. A good astrologer can prescribe you the stone after taking into account all the factors from planets to dashas to transits. In yoga, there is one ashwini mudra, which one must practice for increase in the durability, it is very easy and one can do it anywhere anytime. You can google for the same. Food habits need to be taken care of and smoking should become past if you really want to cure yourself. Smoking is the biggest killer of the drive and durability both. Alcohol need to be controlled. If you are not able to reproduce then worshipping God with all the above measures is necessary, which God you should worship will again be told by your horoscope. Apart from all this, you need to develop positivity in yourself by changing your surroundings and habits as much as possible. I am sure that all these steps will slowly but surely make you better in intimate acts.