Friday, December 13, 2013


On 16th December around 2 am sun will move to Sagittarius, a sign ruled by Jupiter and is its mooltrikona sign. It is a fiery, dual, odd, and masculine sign. Sagittarius deals with religious scriptures, religious places, weapons, thighs, fat, swelling, cancer, tumors, diseases of legs and waist, aurvedic medicines and syrups, long travels, fame, foreign travels, voyage, public relations etc to name a few attributes.
It is a more prominent and stronger sign than Pisces due to its fiery nature. Jupiter rules both the signs but Pisces is not so prominent as Sagittarius. Sun will be passing through the constellations of ketu, venus and sun in this transit which will be upto 14th January 2014 and sun will become uttarayan that day. If someone observes, it is very interesting phenomenon, those having their windows in the east and can see the sunrise every day, they will mark the difference in the rotation of the sun in its uttarayan and dakshinayan motion.
The general effects of this transit on all natives will be :
1)      ARIES: It will initially give you health problems, medication will be required and increased expenses. If unmarried then there will be problems with your fiancée. You will be in a confused state of mind about what steps to take for betterment but later it will improve. Work front will get better and then there will travels. You will sail smooth in the New Year.
2)      TAURUS: You will be having problems throughout in personal and work life. Health will be not so good and you will be having troublesome things happening around you. You may undertake some repair work for your home and vehicles. There will decrease in popularity and you will try to avoid crowds.
3)      GEMINI: Indecisiveness is what you will go through this month. Education of children, your personal life, and health of children will be the source of anguish. You will be gaining money also in this time and there are chances of guests coming to your home for short stay. work front will be getting better as the time goes by. In love affairs, there will be disputes on petty things.
4)      CANCER: Food habits need caution, there will be gain of money, and many things you wanted will be fulfilled. Luck will be favorable largely. Spouse will be helpful and personal life will be good.
5)      LEO: You will get favors from government; will be doing advisory role for many. You will perform religious deeds and travel. You will clear the competitive exams if any and will perform well in your job, business. There are chances of your communication devices getting dysfunctional. Health will be good in general.
6)      VIRGO: Be careful with your health and ready for obstacles initially. There could be defamation also. Do not commit what you cannot do. You talk a lot and do less. There will be happiness in all fronts in the later part of the transit.
7)      LIBRA: Control your expenses and desires. Personal life is not going good. You are seeing many vicissitudes for long now. Work front will be good but you will not be able to use it to your benefit. It will be good to focus more on matters related to money than other things. Don’t lose your temper and be agreeing with your spouse.
8)      SCORPIO: There are good times for you after sun crosses ketu`s constellation. You may have a small accident, pain in joints and viral. You will be doing well in work sphere. There will be trips to nearby places. You may buy new gadget this month. There will be wastages on petty things.
9)      SAGGITARIUS: You will have good time in work field. Purchase of gold is also indicated. You will gain money and friends. Some goals will be achieved this month, which were delayed for long. You will be having an inner conflict between the right and wrongs of life and ultimately you will go with the wrong to get your things done.
10)   CAPRICORN: You may repay some of your debts in January 2014. It is going to be good period for you over all and you will be happy. There is not much to worry about and you can continue with your plans.
11)   AQUARIUS: There will be initial setbacks and bad luck. You will be dejected. Later things will get better and you will be happy. There will be monetary gains  and favors from superiors in the later part of the month. Business class will have good time in the mid and end of this transit. If you are into any of the occult practices then this whole month will be good.
12)   PISCES: You may face betrayal so take the necessary steps. Work front will be good in general but loss of money is there. Siblings can be a source of unwanted trouble. You will recover from illness. Love affair is also happening for you. There could be injury on your face.