Friday, December 13, 2013


Below I am going to share views of some  writers and my own personal experiences to avoid a candidate for marriage purposes…(this is mostly for female candidates)…..they are general in nature and I am not interested in why you said so ?things….those who wish to read pls read others can happily ignore .thank you.
1)At the time of marriage vipat,pratyak,nidhan mahadasha should not be going on .
2)7th lord should not be with rahu or ketu in 4th house.
3)Debilitated saturn should not be in 7th house.
4)7th lord should not be in 6th,12th  house .
5)There should be least malefic aspects on 7th lord and house .
6)Second and 9th lords must be well placed along with 7th lord .
7)The birth stars of the two should not be inimical.
8)Ascendant should be free from malefic planets.
9)moon ,jupiter,mercury preferably should not be combust ,particularly moon
10)rahu-moon,rahu-sun rahu-jupiter conjunction should be better avoided if dasha is also running .
11)mars venus conjunction in 7th house is not good always.
12)saturn and jupiter should not be retrograde.
Quotes from the book –female horoscopy—B.Suryanarain Rao –page 10,11
“Sun and moon have no lordships in thimsamsa,If the lagna or moon falls in mesha or vrischika,and kuja thrismasama falls the girl will become a prostitute after her puberty.the girl will have sexual connections with men before she attains her age of maturity.
If she is born in shukra thrimsamsa she will become adulterous.
If born in mercury thrimsamsa she will be very cunning woman.the word used is mayavi.she will be able to conceal her evil actions by clever subterfuges.
If the birth falls in guru thrimsamsa the girl will become virtuous ,modest ,dignified,and respectful.
If in saturn thrimsamsa she becomes servant or  a dependant.service itself is not evil except it is beggarly and may lead to sinful temptations.Many servant women are chaste while many rich women are shameless”
If lagna or moon falls in virgo or gemini and mars thrisamsa rises at birth –the woman become cunning and dissimilating;If shukra thrisamsa rises then she becomes a whore ;If budh thrismasa rises she will be possessed of excellent qualities;If guru thrisamsa rises the girl becomes virtuous,graceful ,loving,is shani rises she will be not liking sexual operations .