Friday, December 13, 2013


मंगल का कन्या और तुला में गोचर
Mars has now entered Virgo, and will remain there until 5 February 2014. Mars, as we all know is a malefic planet and causes more damage than cure. Be it natal or mundane astrology. Mars rules Aries and Scorpio. Mrigshira, chitra, dhanishtha are the constellations ruled by Mars. On 2nd march, after travelling to 4th quarter of chitra, it will turn retrograde. On 20th may, after going back to Virgo 14.57 degrees in second quarter of hast, it will turn direct. Rahu, who is giving company to both Saturn and mars, will leave for Virgo 13th July 2014. On 5th September Mars will leave Libra. Though Mars is termed as “mangal” which means well being, in reality it is not so. People with exalted mars and debilitated mars are source of usual and at times big trouble for the society. Mars produces mars dosha, which creates havoc in married life if not treated properly. Mars makes a man a warrior by choice and when there is no good reason to fight, the person finds the reason just for the sake of fighting, be it his or her own family or surroundings. Though there are 9 planets and 12 signs and 27 constellations, Mars alone is enough to cause ample damage which other 8 cannot rectify by their summed up powers. Conjunction of mars with rahu or Saturn is seen as very bad and we will be witnessing rahu, mars and Saturn, all three major malefic planets together in Libra till 14th July 2014.
मंगल कन्या में प्रवेश कर चुका है और ५ फरवरी तक वहीँ पर भ्रमण करेगा. मंगल गृह मात्र नाम से मंगल है कर्म से यह एक क्रूर तथा पापी गृह है . मंगल मेष और वृश्चिक का स्वामी है साथ ही मृगशिरा, चित्र और धनिष्ट नक्षत्रों का स्वामी भी यही है .२ मार्च को मंगल वक्री और २० माय २०१४ को वापस मार्गी हो जाएगा. १३ जुलाई को मंगल और शनि के साथ भ्रमण करने वाला राहू कन्या में चला जाएगा. ५ सितम्बर को मंगल तुला से वृश्चिक में प्रवेश कर जाएगा.
There is definitely going to be rail accidents, air crashes, militant activities and possibly genocide or attempt for the same. There will be increase in suicides, killings, bombings, acid attacks, use of chemical weaponry, attacks on women. There will be war like situation in the world but it will cease to begin in the last moments. Fire will break loose in warehouses, government buildings, hospitals, arms depots. People will tend to be more aggressive and little spark will ignite major trouble. Illicit activities in society will increase. Many couples will see an end to their family life in court or outside. There could be major earthquake before 14th July 2014. Jupiter will be retrograde most of the time so there will be lesser benefic things happening. Even after Jupiter getting direct, there will be less relief. Political figures will be blamed continuously and many of them will commit heinous crimes like those that we saw in the case of murder of house maid by wife of a politician. Courtesy of money monger Indian media, suddenly there are zero updates of the case progress. Media persons will be committing unlawful acts. Muslim nations will be affected drastically. There will be sudden collapses of buildings and bridges. In India, we are having election festival these days and it is going to continue until lok sabha elections. This is a time for media to reap gold from ruling and opposition equally, that is why we are seeing baseless opinion polls and some channels are now openly supporting their feeding party. The weaker one is being punished just because of lack of money and connections. Twenty crores is not even a percent of a peanut in Indian election these days. It is a time when we should stop seeing news channels, as there is pure garbage shown by them and nothing else. One very known reporter used to say, we eat for the country, in his program , now he and his channel are eating the country for some people`s benefits. There is likely to be a brutal death of a popular politician in this span. Some influential and powerful people will be diagnosed of deadly disease, which we may never come to know. The spread of STD`S will also increase in this period. Natives who are wearing Red coral, Hessonite, Blue sapphire better remove them when mars meets the other two.
इस गोचर के प्रभाव से वैश्विक रूप में अनेक घटनाएं होने की संभावना है . रेल , विमान दुर्घटना और जनसंहार की घटनाएं बहुत बढ़ जायेंगी . हत्या , आत्महत्या , बमविस्फोट , लूट और आगजनी की घटनाओं में इजाफा होगा. समाज में नैतिकता का पतन होगा. कई विवाहित जोड़ो के घर टूटेंगे और तलाक होंगे. १४ जुलाई के पहले भूकंप के आने की भी सम्भावना बनेगी . रासायनिक हथियारों का प्रयोग भी होगा . किसी चर्चित व्यक्ति की न्रशंस हत्या भी हो सकती है जो की राजनेता या बड़ा अधिकारी या धार्मिक गुरु भी हो सकता है .
In Virgo, Mars will cross constellations of sun, moon, and mars and in Libra it will go through Mars, rahu and Jupiter constellations. Mars will get ample time to roam in his own constellation in 2014. Virgo is a dual, feminine, earthy sign ruled by Mercury and is its mooltrikona sign. Libra is movable, odd, cruel, masculine, airy sign, all the three planets, Mars- Mercury -Venus, are neutral towards each other.
The purpose of writing about Mars transit in two signs in one article is because after moving from Virgo to Libra, mars will get retrograde and move back in Virgo very soon. Therefore, it is going to produce effects of both signs until he finally becomes direct in Libra .This is written specifically with Mars in centre and other planets are not included. The effects will be mild or worse with respect to the role other eight plays in your chart. The general effects of this transit of mars, from the ascendant, would be largely applicable if a native is running through mars main period or sub period or sub-sub period:
1)      Aries:  Mars in transit in sixth house is considered very good as it makes one win over opposition, the native begets money, and gold, fame, and happiness, but the same planet in seventh house destroys marital happiness. You need to be careful and cool minded as there is going to be serious strife in married life when mars will get direct in Libra. Already, Saturn and rahu are there and Mars will come to ignite the fire of separation. You will have eye troubles and stomach troubles also this time, which may be of serious nature and need operation. आपको सावधान रहना चहिये क्योंकि आपके ६वे और ७वे भाव में यह गोचर होगा. इस से विवाहिक जीवन को सर्वाधिक हानि होने की सम्भावना है क्योंकि आपके सप्तम भाव में रहू और शनि पहले से ही डेरा डाले हुए हैं . सामाजिक जीवन में आपको कुछ समय के लिए यश मान सम्मान मिलेगा और विरोधी पराजित होंगे .आपको आँखों और पेट में समस्या हो सकती है जो कुंडली में गृह स्थिति के अनुसार कम या ज्यादा हो सकती है .
2)      TAURUS: Mars will give you happiness for small duration but the ill effects will be for long. Mars will cross sun, moon, mars, rahu, Jupiter constellations and will be giving you legal problems, disease, troubles from enemies. You will perform immoral acts. There will be loss of fame and name. There will be distress from progeny. There could be intake of stale food leading to doctor for remedial measures. There will be loss of money.आपको शुरूआती गोचर शुभ फलदायी होकर बाद में कास्ट प्रद हो जाएय्गा .आपको कानूनी समस्या से दो चार होना पद सकता है ,मानहानि की संभावना है ,संतान से कष्ट होगा ,आप अनैतिक कार्यों में लिप्त होंगे .आप विषाक्त या बेकार भोजन के कारन अस्पताल में भारती हो सकते हैं .आपको धन हानि होगी .
3)      GEMINI:  There will be blood impurities, clashes in family and from relatives, mental fear and fevers, tendency towards immoral deeds, troubles from enemies and relatives. You will be part of doing wrong things along with your friends. Your children will fall sick and may meet small accidents and bruises. Thighs and generative organs may be affected. It is not a good time for getting intimate with unknown or lesser known opposite sex.आपको रक्त वर्ण की समस्या , मानसिक भय और अशांति घेरे रहेंगी .आप दूसरों के साथ मिलकर गलत कार्यों को अंजाम देंगे .आपके बच्चे बीमार हो सकते हैं अथवा दुर्घटना या घाव से ग्रस्त हो सकते हैं . यह समय विपरीत लिंगी जातक के साथ नजदीकी बनाने का नहीं है .
4)      CANCER: There will be win over opposition, gain of name and fame, health and fitness. There will be conspiracy against you. In the later part, you will find it difficult to tackle it. Women folk of this sign will suffer a lot when mars will get direct and come in Libra. Hospitalization seems necessary for many of you. Luck factor will not work for you most of the time during this period. There will be wastages beyond control.आप विरोधियों पर विजय प्राप्त तो कर लेंगे लेकिन बाद में वे ही आपके विरुद्ध षड़यंत्र रचेंगे और आप सुलझा नहीं पायेंगे .भाग्य साथ नहीं देने वाला है .अस्पताल में भारती होने की नौबत आ सकती है . इस लग्न की स्त्र्यों को विशेष सजग रहना चहिये .
5)       LEO: There will be chances of theft in your home or professional place, you will be bereft of happiness, there will be mental trauma, and fear of fire is there. Seniors will not support you. You will have bad company; will utter foul language, failures in endeavors. Elderly people will cheat you. There will loss in speculation. Women folk will be cause of disrepute. However, in later, part there will be relief and gains and win over opposition. You need to be careful about your acts and decisions.आपके यहाँ चोरी हो सकती है , आगजनी हो सकती है ,प्रसन्नता आपसे रूठ सकती है ,आप दुर्वचनों का प्रयोग करेंगे , सहयोगी और वरिष्ट आपसे नाराज़ रहेंगे ,शेयर में घाटा होगा ,स्त्री वर्ग के कारन अपमान हो सकता है मगर बाद में आप अधिकतर दिक्कतों से पार पा लेंगे . सजग रहिये .
6)      VIRGO: You will get fever, head ache, hot head even in this winter season. Remain cool n calm and you will be all fine. There will be difference of opinion with family members, you will be troubles by bad people around you in work or business. There could be quarrel leading to physical abuse. It is better to be in control of self and not allow thoughts take over your brain. You will feel less healthy and strong. There will be lack of water in the body. Spouse will be a source of major problem. आपको ज्वर , सिरदर्द, मस्तिष्क में गर्मी बनी रहेगी .आप मारपीट की नौबत तक आ सकते हैं .बुरे लोगों से आपको कष्ट होगा .
7)      LIBRA: Mars transit in 12th causes eye defects, irritation, disease, and fevers. Loss of money and problems with family members are the other events that might take place. Aries and Libra will have Mars, Rahu and Saturn on 1-7 axis which is very bad for martial progress. You need to be careful as even small things can take bigger shape and ruin the future. All three are separatist planets, those looking for a separation but not finding a reason will easily be able to do so during this time.आपके मन को पूर्ण नियंत्रित रखिये क्योंकि इस गोचर में आपके गृहस्थ जीवन का अंत भी हो सकता है . जिन जातकों को अलग होना है पर वजह नहीं मिल रही है इस समय मिल जायेगी .
8)      SCORPIO: You will have good time initially as there will be merry time. You will gain money, friends, good will during this time. You will have success in many of your efforts. There could be relocation. You may move to a foreign land for some time. There will be losses and wastages. You will have strife with family members. Largely speaking, this will not prove good to you for long, as soon mars will retrograde in Libra just after reaching 3 degrees. It is advisable to not move away with the initial goodness, which will come to you.आपको शुरूआती शुभ फल के बाद दिक्कतों का सामना करना पड़ेगा . आपका व्यय आय से बढ़ जाएय्गा , आप नियंत्रण नहीं कर पायेंगे . घर वालों से कलह बनी रहेगी .
9)      SAGGITARIUS: You will be having good time throughout the transit, as both the houses 10 and 11 are favorable for Mars transit. Apart from small things like possible foreign travel and increased work load there will be only beneficial events happening around you. In all the constellations, it will more or less be productive for you. If you are running its main period then the effects will be least, if sub period then the effects will be maximum. सिर्फ धनु लग्न में ही इस गोचर के सर्वाधिक शुभ फल प्राप्त होंगे .आपको येन केन प्रकारेण लाभ ही देकर जाएगा .
10)   CAPRICORN: You will be looking for a change in job, there will be loss of fame. There will be troubles in parts of body. You will feel weakness in yourself. There will be dearth of money. The temperature of your body will remain high. You may consume stale or otherwise bad quality food that will take you to hospital. There will be problems in business but apart from all this you will gain money. There will be unexpected losses and short travels.आप नौकरी बदलेंगे , आपका नाम ख़राब होगा ,आपको शारीरिक कमजोरी बनी रहेगी , व्यापार में हानि होगी और अकस्मात धन हानि उठानी पड़ेगी . छोटी यात्राओं में भी अपव्यय होगा .आपका शरीर का तापमान अधिक बना रहेगा .
11)   AQUARIUS: You will face defamation due to your own acts. Debts will surmount you. There will be diseases coming to you. You will be disrespected by your juniors and younger’s. You will have hidden gains. You will perform immoral acts. You may lose your job or perform very bad during the time. Personal life will be tensed. Your father may face health issues. You may meet with an accident. You will lose support from your well wishers.आप अपने कार्यों से बदनाम होंगे .क़र्ज़ के लेंदाओर्ण से समस्या होगी .आपके कनिष्टों द्वारा मानहानि होगी .आपको गुप्त प्राप्तियां भी होंगी .आपकी नौकरी चली जाएय्गी या नौकरी में आप कुछ ख़ास नहीं कर पायेंगे .पिता को कष्ट हो सकता है .निजी जीवन दुखमय रहेगा .
12)   PISCES: Personal life will be affected to a major extent. There will discord in family, most of the time. There will be gain of money through debts. You may face legal issues. You will be having lack of vitality in your organs. There is possibility of losing the current job. Children will give trouble. There will be stomachaches and irregularity in daily habits. There will delays in your day to day work and in achieving your professional targets. Your vehicle will require repairing.निजी जीवन पर सर्वाधिक प्रभाव हो सकता है .आपको ऋण प्राप्ति द्वारा धनागमन हो सकता है .आपको कानूनी समस्याओं से जूझना पद सकता है .यौन अंगों में शिथिलता बनी रहेगी .संतान से कष्ट होगा . पेट दर्द तथा मॉल निकासी में व्यवधान बनेगा .
1)      Fast on Tuesdays regularly for 5 weeks and then offer chola (clothing) to Lord hanumanji.
2)      Recite Hanuman chalisa daily twice on a fixed time with devotion.
3)      Do alms on Saturdays and Tuesdays to poor people who will need it, to people with leprosy and handicapped people. Feed the laborers working around on any construction site.
4)      Recite Sunderkand as and when possible in evenings irrespective of any particular day.