Friday, December 13, 2013


Mars is a fiery planet ruling two signs, Aries and Scorpio. It owns three constellations:- mrigshira, chitra and dhanishtha. Mars is considered bad in houses 1,2,4,7,8 12 from ascendant, moon and venus. Natives having such mars are called manglik. It is believed that this dosha is worst when from venus then moon and then ascendant. This way the probability of having mars dosha increases three fold.
This placement of Mars is considered bad not from today or yesterday but from many many years. There are many astrologers of present time which consider this dosha as nonexistent and my question to them is simple – were our ancestors fool?
At the same time I would like to assert that with time, the breed of greedy astrologers made this combination as very malefic and they threatened people to mint money for themselves by recommending hawans, jap, pooja etc. No one can dodge fate, whatever is destined will happen and no astrologer on this planet can change it. Astrologers were meant to foretell events that will happen in native`s life.
There are remedies by which one does get relief and those remedies are applicable to this placement of mars but not for all natives. Those who are bound to get relief by performing remedies, they reach to the right person at the time of crisis and perform the suggested remedy. Others wander here and there on the doors of many astrologers, saints without any result. Had remedies been so powerful to cure everyone then this whole world would have been tension free and full of joy!! We know that reality is exactly opposite.
Mars is fiery, aggressive and fighter planet. It is considered as commander in the planetary government. People having mars in ascendant lose temper soon, they are willing to quarrel and enjoy it. In second house the speech of the native gets foul and invite problems for himself or herself. In 4th house mars aspects the 7th house which is prime house of marriage and if malefic for the person then the marriage is destroyed. In 8th house mars causes widowhood and in 12th end of marriage by death or divorce of the partner. Such natives are married after delay.
This is what is mainly told about mars effects and this has to be seen from the ascendant, Moon and Venus equally.
13-11-1974, 6:15 am, Ashoknagar,M.P.Mars is in ascendant. The native never enjoyed married life as there was complete dominance on the partner and hysteriatic activities like cutting by knife , hitting own head on the wall ,shouting abruptly and foul language towards the partner and family.The got married and two years later the partner left away from home because of such activities.
29-3-1977, 17:10, 77E 42—28N59. The native is divorced. Mars is in 7th house.
7 -9-1992, 13:35, NDLS.  The native is divorced. Mars is in 8th.
9-12-1983, 12:40, NDLS. The native is divorced. Mars is in 8th.
2-2-1974, 6:45, piparia m.p. Horrible married life. Mars is in 4th.
18-10-1968, 20:00, Ludhiana. Living away from partner. Mars in 4th.
21-8-1975, 23:59:20, burla orrisa. Wife died in car accident. Mars in ascendant.
19-9-1985, 16:40, bharatpur. Marriage ended in two years. Mars in 7th.
As far as my opinion is concerned, Mars dosha exists and should be well considered before marriage.
 It is my suggestion to both males and females that if you are going to get married to a person having mars-rahu, mars-ketu, mars-saturn conjunction or only mars in above said houses then it will be very wise to hire some sort of investigating agency to know the reality about the native because it has also been my experience that these people hide their true self till the job is done and afterwards only suffering is left for the other half.
As always , there are exceptions to this rule of mars damaging the marital life. There are some placements and positions of mars where it does not come into full throttle and thus the native enjoys good married life. They are :
(1)    Mars in own sign is not harmful provided the signs are not incongruent to the ascendant.
(2)    Mars in signs of mercury in second house.
(3)    Mars in signs of sun, moon and Saturn provided the signs are not incongruent to the ascendant.
(4)    Mars in sign of jupiter in 8th house.
In the examples given above, there will be some having these exceptions too but then mars will getting afflicted due to some other reason like rahu or ketu affinity.
Finally, it is reader`s choice whether to take this placement seriously or not and the most important thing is those who are destined to suffer in marital life will somehow marry a native with afflicitions of mars or other planets so what remains is caution.