Friday, December 13, 2013


From 1st june 2013 jupiter will transiting in the sign of mercury-Gemini.Gemini  is a dual,airy,male sign.It has constellations  mrigshira(mars),aardra(rahu),punarvasu(jupiter).Jupiter transit is seen worldwide by all enthusiasts of astrology because it is supposed to be the most benefic planet of all.
The other slow moving are saturn,rahu-ketu.Rest all the planets complete their cycles quite sooner.Jupiter is presently in star of mars itself but rashi is different.jupiter is said to be giving good results in this sign and the native is sweet spoken,good natured,have children and friends,interested in poetry and deals in agriculture and pearls.
Even in bad houses 6,8,12 jupiter is a protector only.but the native loses his charm or power in this period.Jupiter will be in these constellations upto mentioned degrees: Mrigshira -ruled by Mars. 53'20" to 66'40" (23'20 Taurus to 6'40" Gemini). The quarters are ruled by Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars. Ardra - ruled by Rahu- the North Node. 66'40" to 80'00" (6'40" to 20'00" Gemini) The quarters are ruled by Jupiter, Saturn, Saturn and Jupiter. Punarvasu - ruled by Jupiter. 80'00 to 93'20 (20'00" Gemini to 3'20" Cancer). The  quarters are ruled by Mars, Venus, Mercury and Moon.
In south India ,jupiters transit is a very auspiscious happening.As per that ,jupiter`s transit in various houses gives following results :
1)    1ST HOUSE :Improvement in health,blessed family life ,improved luck.I know one native who was living away from his family for long but when jupiter transited to his first house –he came back to his family and lived with them till jupiter was in his third house and when jupiter left thirds house he also left the family.
2)    2nd house :The native will be careful in his food habits and will be health conscious.His speech will improve and he will be harmonious with the family members overall.This is good for people who have to speak publicly often.
3)    3rd house : Religious travels ,good family life,native will buy new gadgets for communication and they will work efficiently also.He will be polite towards kiths and kins .
4)    4th house :He might change his vehicle,or his current vehicle will run more cost effectively.He will be inclined to change his residence and shift to his own.He will be tending to help all in general.
5)    5th house : New arrival in home (child birth),he will be more interested in reading books .good times for students .There will be improved intuition and better foresight.success in learning mantras,pooja etc.Interest in holy scriptures.Overall happiness in external life of the natives.Good for astrologers ,priests,teachers,mantriks and tantriks.
6)    6th house :Enemies will be defeated.There will be some divine help.reduced behind the back talks.People with long term diseases can be cured in this period with the right ways of dealing with tough people.
7)    7th house : if native is of marrigeable age,there will be marriage.Affairs will convert to marriage.But for this position of rahu and saturn should be favourable.Abroad travels and good partnerships.Peaceful family life.people looking for divorce will have to wait and they can rethink to start over again.
8)    8th house :Interest in occult,hidden truths .They may visit to meet sick people.Even major diseases will be less painful.Work fron will take a beating.Not bad period broadly.
9)    9th house :Good realtions with father.elders will be positive towards the native.May find a long sought GURU and life turning spiritual is also a possibility.Pilgrimmage will be often.And there can be a change of place of the native.
10) 10th house :work issues will be will be fun.upliftment in career very likely.
11) 11th house : there will be increase in income and friends.Another native I knew had a great increase in his income when jupiter transited to his 11th house few years back.there was overall happiness in his life and he did gained many good friends.there will be lesser tensions in life and new businessess can be taken up by the native.
12) 12th house :expenses will be undercontrol.surgeries will be successful.loss in speculation.will take travels to holy places and will be thinking of nirvana .some might get enlightenment also.
Apart from houses ,jupiters transit is also seen when it transits over natal saturn,rahu and ketu .when it transits over natal saturn it gives success and new endevours and over ketu it gives spiritual thinking and actions.Its transit over rahu gives losses and transit over jupiter is very beneficial.the results will vary according to the houses where these planets are located in natal chart.
Kindly note that main factor is your running dasha ,antara and pratyantara and transit is reckined lastly.fiery,airy signs are most affected by transits and watery lesser and earthy signs least.same way fixed signs are least affected ,movable most and for dual signs it is mixed bag of candies.
Airy ,movable signs having antara and pratyantara of jupiter in this period will be affected most .Kindly do not think that some miracle is going to happen,It will be for some for sure but all that depends upon your natal horoscope which should be properly examined by a competent astrologer.