Friday, December 13, 2013

Gem Therapy in Astrology

Gem Therapy in Astrology
There are 12 signs(rashis),9 planets,27 constellations in hindu astrology.And now a days astrologers around the world use gems as a remedy freely.Gems are being used as a remedy since very long as remedies around the world .There is no mention of any gemstone in BPHS.May be some classics have some mention which I don’t know .
Cheiro had advocated gems very freely .How many and which one he wore we will never know …but in last times he had lost all his predictive abilities because of his pendant was lost which he had acquired from India.In present day almost every astrologer recommend gems for betterment of the native.
What ever may be ----past is past—I have used gems on clients and they do show effects is a fact for me as I have experienced on myself and on my clients .Every planet is alloted a gem stone
4)Jupiter –yellow/white sapphire
5)saturn – Blue sapphire
6)Venus –Diamond
7)Mercury –Emerald
8)Rahu-Gomed (I don’t know the english name)
9)Ketu-Cat`s eye
Generally stones are recommended just by rashi(moon sign) or 9th lord 1st lord .
Some see constellations and sub lord and subsub lords to recommend a stone and cuspal chart.
Some try to weaken the malefic planet whose dasha is ongoing by recommending stone of the enemy planet
Some people see d-9 charts too for stones.
Most of the times I have seen ppl being recommended stones just to earn profits –by the astrologer and yellow sapphire and blue sapphire and diamond are most ahead of the race.
Duplicacy is a major drawback in the system of stones.And it is impossible to end it .human greed has made everything duplicate ….dont be surprised one day when you reach home you will find another you with your wife and kids as was in the schwarzenneger movie sixth day or something like that.Not very unlikely seeing the progress of science.
Our body is constantly emanating rays which are mixture of 7 colurs.VIBGYOR.Stones technically balance the radiance .That can be also achieved by drinking water filled up it the required color bottle every day.
As far as my opinion is concerned one should avoid gems as far as possible though I am reiterating that gems do show results and effects.
One should not run after public figure astrologers as after becoming public figure their main responsibility becomes maintaining their public figure nothing else and the client becomes the victim.
It is better to look for multiple shops rather than going for the shop recommended by the astrologer .It will be a good step in breaking astrologer-stone seller nexus which has now become more dominant that astrology itself.
If one is going for a purchase of very costly stone then it is must to get it checked by some government institute or a reputed organisation dealing in the same.Sub stones should be avoided.
When you are running a bad time forget that you will get the correct gem stone or remedy or even the correct astrologer!!!Evn the best astrologer will fail in doing any good to you.Also It depends a lot upon the astrooger`s own horoscope –If he is running bad time in his chart his remedies and predictions will go wrong –rest assured.
This is where fate comes  into play-when you got to get better you will automaticaly start behaving differently and everything suddenly will start getting –EASY-you will meet the right people,do the right things and even by mistake also you will commit right deeds.This is the reason why ppl don’t get relief from big branded astrologers and why a road side one tells a small things and natives life changes for good.
The last four lines are jist of everything happening –those who understand it never go a astrologer –those who don’t keep running here and there .

Hari  om tatsat