Friday, December 13, 2013

Choosing correct time with help of constellations

                 Choosing correct time with help of constellations
Hindu predictive astrology consists of 9 planets ,12 rashis,and 27 constellations spread across the spectrum of 360 degree .Every rashi consist of 2 ¼ nakshatras(constellations) having in total 9 padas of 3 degree 20 minutes each.
Each planet rules over 3 constellations and except sun and moon rest of the planets rule over two rashis each.rahu ketu do not own any rashi.but they do own constellations.
PLANET                                                                CONSTELLATIONS
KETU                                                                     ASHWINI –MAGHA- MOOL
VENUS                                                                  BHARINI-POORVAFALGUNI-POORVAASHADHA
SUN                                                                       KRITTIKA-UTTARFALGUNI-UTTARASHADHA
MOON                                                                  ROHINI-HAST-SHRAVAN
MARS                                                                    MRIGSHIRA-CHITRA-DHANISHTHA
RAHU                                                                    AARDRA-SWATI-SATABHISHA
JUPITER                                                                                PUNARVASU-VISHAKHA-POORVABHADRAPADA
SATURN                                                               PUSHYA-ANURADHA-UTTARBHADRAPADA
MERCURY                                                            ASHLESHA-JYESHTHA-REVATI
At the time of birth the constellation in which moon is transiting is our birth star,the rashi is which moon is transiting – is our moon sign and in the rashi in which sun is transiting is our sun sign.
Now count from your birth star…the birth star is called janm nalshatra..
9)param mitra(very close friend)
Suppose you are born on 31-8-2012/21:09/bhopal…The moon was in aquaris sign and was in satabhisha star which is ruled by Rahu.Jupiter comes after Rahu so stars owned by Jupiter wull be sampat and Sun will be 7th from Rahu so constellations of Sun will be nidhan(death)..Nidhan simply implies that planet is not at all in a position to deliver anything Good at all.Ans so on .
1,2,4,6,8,9 are good and 3,5,7 are bad constellations according to your personal horoscope.
Vipat,Pratyari,Nidhan constellations should be avoided always for anything new…purchasing ,travels,delivery(child birth),Always check moon`s constellation and house plus 9th lord`s constellation and house before starting anything new .It will be very beneficial.6,8,12 houses should be avoided out of which 8,12 houses should be strictly avoided.
If you know running Dasha,Bhukti,Antara also then it will be just great.