Friday, December 13, 2013


Yesterday jupiter changed to mrigshira from rohini in taurus.It will remain in mrigshira till 26th june but will change to gemini on 31st may 2013.Jupiter is considered to be a natural benefic and traditionally it is considered by many as karak for marriage.Mars is another planet related  to marriage in hindu astrology,but only negatively-mostly.
Cancer is also a gift of jupiter.So are various tumours/ulcers etc.
Mars is a friend of jupiter and is commander in chief in royal house of planets.This change will bring many good and many bad things to various people around the globe and also to the world at large.
You will be affected only if :
(1)    You are having antar-pratyantr of jupiter or mars .
(2)    The current dasa lords are in star or sub of these planets.
(3)    They are aspected by these planets .
(4)    These are very general readings and do not indicate actuality as every person has different set of permutation and combination of constellations and planets in signs.Instead of depending on this fully ,it will be advisable to consult a good astrologer and then form your final opinion about future actions.

(1)    ARIES : If you are fulfilling the aforesaid criteria ,then jupiter will be giving you tensions presently.You ascendant itself is a box of mixed chocolates and you will never know what will sprout up suddenly.To add insult to injury,you will be having discomfort from family members.Expenditure will be out of control and there could be bruises on face.Sleepless ness and head ache may make you restless.The luck factor you will feel has gone off suddenly and things will be irritating to you.Relation with wife and inlaws will also be bitter only.Those who are having love affairs will find it tight to continue for a while.
(2)    TAURUS : Jupiter will now create a vipreet yoga for you as being the lord of 8th he is the constellation of a planet which is in 12th house so it will be doing bad of bad so will be proving good in the end.But luck factor still is at large and gains will be in vain too.Personal life will be good ,expenses will reduce as mars is in own sign and aspecting own sign in 7th house.It is a good transit but mars will move ahead gradually.And after that there will be small issues in home also.Some may have romantic encounters also.
(3)    GEMINI : Till 31st may jupiter will be giving troubles but then it will come in your ascendant and mars would have moved to your 12th house so it will become more troublesome.On 23rd may mars will enter your 12th house and from then jupiter will be giving you result of 12th house more prominently.expenses,hospitalisation,bed pleasures etc  because jupiter and its star lord will be in the same house.You may lose job,get transferred,go away from home due to some dispute.
(4)    CANCER : 5 PLANETS in 10th ,2 in 4th are enough to create a turmoil in personal-professional life,if you fit in the above criteria,and the bhagyesh is in star of yogakarak mars so there is milk boiling and settling down soon situation from yesterday.Overall things are not so bad as you think they are –rest assured .everything will be over soon-the bad ones and good times are ahead after some months .
(5)    LEO : Issues with father,luck,romance will be getting prominent positivley.If pregnant women can postpone it for after june –which is not possible –it will be good.9th house will be better by then for the new comer.Some of you might try to marry the love way.better postpone it.Many of you will be marrying in june to or arranged is other thing.Over all good.
(6)    VIRGO : Jupiter rules 4,7 and mars rules 3,8.Saturn rahu are aleady in 2nd house .Issues related to ancestral property,policies ,house renovation,short travels and interest in writing and legal arguments will be happening.If you are into media ,better keep your head cool and don’t write beyond you can control afterwards.There could be some sudden reverse implication of what you will write.Some of you will face court cases and defamation also.
(7)    LIBRA : You need to bend a bit ,keep ice on head and be sensible.Jupiter will be behaving as the lord of marak houses 2 and 7 and it is anyways not yogakaral for you.Personal life is very bad and will become worse.Expenses will rise and you can waste money on useless long trips also depending upon your financial status.Your partner in home or work will be a source of sadness.Confusion is on top of the list but soon things will get fine .
(8)    SCORPIO : Good time indeed .A trikona lord in star of ascendant lord and both aspecting over enemies,good servants.Savings.Travels.Indigestion- Keep away from heavy foods ,property disputes,love marriage in mind.Sudden gains from stocks or speculations.Remembering almighty more often.You may go away from home for a while with friends and lose money too.
(9)    SAGGITARIUS :Miscarriage to pregnant natives,loss in speculation.Money and family going on in full priority this time.Failure of affairs due to your own attitude.Some of you will be having tumours /ulcers in intestines but will be over soon by medication.Money will be lost when you will be expecting some earnings.Family members will not be much supportive.Marriage proposals will be cancelled suddenly.perplexed state of mind presently.Teeths will be paining and also eyesight correction will take some from your pocket.Myraid dreams also likely for many of you but no need to consult a doctor for that.
(10)CAPRICORN : Lord of expenses is in star of lord of gains so expect gains from where you were not expecting.Going good on work front.Own efforts are more required.Thought of self betterment going on and thinking to increase family member too.Inclination towards religious activities also increasing.spiritualism is not something you can attain in one birth or year.It is a ongoing process and difficult than a nuclear war .To control the fight within is the most difficult one.Too much daring also has its repurcussions so beware of all that .
(11)AQUARIS : OVERALL a good period for you on almost every front.
(12)PISCES : You will be enjoying this time till jupiter is in mars star .the time will be largely good on many fronts but family need to be taked care of and they need your time and talks just like outsiders do.Your maternal relatives will get gains in form of money or position.If you are in a joint family then better do not disclose your plans to many people-you never know who has what in mind .People think something and say something and do something so be careful .Aggression needs to be pulled down.